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    Download Anna University Bachelor of Engineering Electrical & Electronics Engineering Fifth Semester Protection & Switchgear (EE 338) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Anna University came into existence in the year 1978 on the month of September as a unitary university and it offers higher education in allied sciences, technology and engineering to meet the projected and present requirements of the society. In addition to promotion of research and dissemination of knowledge gained, the university fosters co-operation between educational and industrial communities.

    About B.E. EEE course:

    The B.E. Electrical & Electronics Engineering course offered by the university extends to a period of four years, divided into eight semesters and the fifth semester of the course includes the following theoretical papers:

    • Power Electronics
    • Protection & Switchgear
    • Communication Engineering
    • Digital logic circuits
    • Linear Integrated Circuits
    • Object Oriented Programming

    About Protection & Switchgear paper:

    The objective of this paper is to expose students to the different faults in power system and to enable them to learn different methods of protection scheme. The paper also aims at enabling the students to understand the present interruption in power system and to study about the different switchgears. Syllabus for this paper includes chapter under the following heads:

    • Introduction
    • Operating principles and relay constructions
    • Apparatus Protection
    • Theory of circuit interruption
    • Circuit bearers

    Text book for protection & switchgear paper:

    • B. Ravindranath, and N. Chander, ‘Power System Protection & Switchgear’, Wiley Eastern Ltd., 1977

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of Anna University B.E. EEE Protection & switchgear paper are given in the attachment.

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