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    Download Anna University B. E/Tech Computer Science & Engineering Third Semester System Software (CS 1203) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    The system software paper is offered both for computer science & engineering and information technology branch students during the third semester and the objective of this paper is to offer an understanding to the students on the foundation of design of macro processors, linkers, loaders and assemblers.

    Aim of CS 1203 paper:

    System software paper is denoted as CS 1203 and the list of objectives of the paper is given below:

    To offer understand with respect to the relationship between machine architecture and system software
    To learn about the implementation and design of assemblers
    To offer understanding with respect to the implementation and design of loaders
    To enable them to learn about macroprocessors
    To learn system software tools

    Units in the paper:

    Syllabus for CS1203 paper includes the following units:

    Unit I: Introduction
    Unit II: Assemblers
    Unit III: Loaders and Linkers
    Unit IV: Macro processors
    Unit V: System Software tools

    Reference and text books:

    John J. Donovan "Systems Programming", Tata McGraw-Hill Edition, 1972
    D. M. Dhamdhere, "Systems Programming and Operating Systems", Second Revised Edition, Tata McGraw-Hill, 1999.
    Leland L. Beck, "System Software - An Introduction to Systems Programming", 3rd Edition, Pearson Education Asia, 2000.

    Previous years question papers:

    B.E/B. Tech computer science & engineering and information technology students of Anna University can practice for CS 1203 paper from the past question papers given in the attachment.

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