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    Download AMIE Section A Diploma Stream Computing and Informatics Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    AMIE is the Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers and it is nothing but the certification offered by the Institute of Engineers in India. This certification is regarded as equivalent to the engineering courses offered by different institutions in India. Clearing of papers in the section A is the first step in the process of acquiring this certification.

    Section A Examination:

    Section A includes non-diploma stream and diploma stream papers and the names of subjects offered in the diploma stream are given below:

    Fundamentals of Design and Manufacturing
    Material Science and Engineering
    Computing and Informatics
    Society and Environment

    Computing and Informatics paper in Section A Diploma Stream:

    The paper is denoted by code number AD 303/AN 203 and the paper includes the following syllabus, which is divided as Group A and Group B:

    Group A:

    Programming Languages

    Group B:

    Computer Basics
    Operating Systems

    Pattern of Computing and Informatics Paper:

    The examination is conducted for three hours with maximum 100 marks and the paper will be divided into three groups. Any five questions are to be answered by candidates by taking two questions from Group A, two from Group B and all from Group C.

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    AMIE Candidates can download previous years summer and winter question papers of Section A Diploma stream Material Science & Engineering Exam from the attachment.

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