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    Download Acharya Nagarjuna University Centre for Distance Education M.A. Sociology Second Year Medical Sociology Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Acharya Nagarjuna University is a popular university in the state of Andhra Pradesh and the university is particularly known for its distance education courses in a number of subjects. Among the different Master of Arts courses offered by the university, Master of Arts in Sociology is an important course and the duration of the course is two years, while students are offered with the facility to complete the course within a maximum period of five years.

    Admission Criteria:

    For applying to the M.A. Sociology course, candidates must have completed their UG degree from the same university or from any other recognized university.

    Papers in the second year of M.A. Sociology course:

    The M.A. Sociology course extends to a period of two years and the names of papers offered in the second year of the course are as follows:

    Social Disorganisation and Criminology
    Medical Sociology
    Social Demography and family welfare
    Industrial sociology and labor welfare
    Rural and urban sociology
    Indian Society

    Syllabus for Medical Sociology subject:

    This paper is called as paper 4 and its syllabus is divided into six units as given below:

    Unit I: Health & Society
    Unit II: Illness and the social system
    Unit III: Man, environment and disease
    Unit IV: Health and community
    Unit V: Health and institution
    Unit VI: Public health and health policy

    Previous Years Question papers:

    Past 11 term question papers for medical sociology paper are given in the attachment for the reference of candidates.

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