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    Download Acharya Nagarjuna University Centre for Distance Education M.A. History First Year History of India Upto 1206 A.D. Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    The Master of Art in History course offered by Acharya Nagarjuna University’s Centre for Distance Education extends to a period of two years and the maximum duration allowed by the university for completion of the course to its students is five years. Medium of instruction for this course is Telugu and the examination can be written in students either in English or in Telugu.

    Eligibility for admission:

    For applying to the M.A. History course, candidate must have completed their UG degree in any discipline from a recognized university.

    Papers in the first year of M.A. History course:

    As mentioned earlier, the course is divided into two years and the names of papers offered in the first year of the course are given below:

    • History of India upto 1206 AD
    • History of Andhras upto 1336 AD
    • History of South India (1336 AD to 1765 AD)
    • History of Modern Europe (1789 to 1919)
    • History of USA (1776 to 1945) – Optional paper

    About History of India upto 1206 AD paper:

    This paper is called as Group Paper 1 since it is offered as the first paper in M.A. History course. Syllabus for this course is divided into five units and here is the list of books referred by the university for this paper:

    Text books:

    • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Series: History and Culture of India People Vols.1to 5
    • R. Thapar: Ashoka and the Decline of Mauryas.
    • Goyal: Guptas
    • Dvahuti: Harshavardhana and his Times
    • Nilakanta Sastri K.A.: History of South Indian Cholas
    • Yazdani G: Early History of Deccan.
    • A.L. Basham: The Wonder that was Indian
    • A.K. Naraian: The Indo-Greeks
    • H.C. Ray: The Dynastic History of North Indian
    • B.N. Puri: India Under the Kushanas
    • Nilakanta Sastri (Ed.): Comprehensive History of India, Vol II.
    • R.C. Majumdar: Comprehensive History of India, Vol.III

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of History of India upto 1206 A.D. are given in the attachment.

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