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    Do all core companies ask for no backlogs?

    I am a Mechanical Engineering student..I am relying heavily on placement..i secured 92.09% in 10th and 92% in 12th..right now until 6th semester,i have a cgpa of 8.02 and it is expected to rise..but during second and third semesters respectively,we had to learn Japanese and environmental science,that are totally alien to Mechanical Engineering..so deliberately i didn't do well,not aware of the backlogs..we had these "makeups"..i cleared them in the makeups..they said it will not be regarded as a backlog..but i didn't realize then that it was just a delusion to reality and what the college had promised was all a lie..i have got 9 or more in all the core mechanical subjects..other subjects like economics,cam bring it down to 8.02..so far the core companies that come are either asking only for top ten mechanical students(like mahindra,L andT) or they are asking for above 7 cgpa wit no backlogs(which includes people who have been copying their way to seven or more)..so do all core companies have this inexplicable criteria or not?

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    Re: Do all core companies ask for no backlogs?

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