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    Discuss the future of B.Sc Microbiology Course?

    what is the future of b.sc micro biology course in india??

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    Re: Discuss the future of B.Sc Microbiology Course?

    See microbiology has the best scope in abroad. You will get better chances in abroad for microbiology than in India. One thing I can tell you for sure which you would not and will not be able to go for and that is corporate sector jobs. These jobs are totally technical and microbiology does not cater to it.
    On the other hand microbiology caters to mainly research work and lectureship in abroad and Indian universities and in publication of research works. Microbiology has a huge domain of publishing works, so you will be able to publish lot of original research works, if you work hard. With your lot of publications here, you can opt for research scientist positions in abroad. The only thing is that you need to clear
    TOEFL, so that when you apply for abroad universities, you can get a clearance from there by seeing your TOEFL score. Also you can try for lectureship in Indian universities after you finish your research
    work in India or abroad. So as you see microbiology is a hugely academical and research oriented genre. Now you need to pave your path accordingly.

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