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    Discuss the benefits of doing diploma after 12th?

    Discuss the benefits of doing diploma after 12th?
    thank you.

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    Re: Discuss the benefits of doing diploma after 12th?

    Hi dude....

    Diploma course of study is one of the much popular fast growing courses after completing 12th class.Many of the students now a days opt for the Diploma courses in stead of the Bachelor Degree courses as many of companies wants to recruit the candidates through studying training of the respective branch of study instead of studying before.....
    So, many companies recruits the Diploma candidates instead of the Graduate degree candidates as there are much benifits for the students also doing the Diploma courses after 12th you can save the money and the time and also you will be attaining the knowledge equal to the knowledge of the Graduates....
    There are many diploma courses available after completing the 12th class in many streams there are diploma courses available....
    some of the diploma courses available are....
    *Diploma in Business Management
    *Diploma in Hospitality
    *Diploma in Fashion Designing
    *Diploma in Fine Arts
    *Diploma in Computer Applications
    *Diploma in Journalism
    *Diploma in Interior Design
    *Diploma in Physical Education
    *Diploma in Nursing
    *Diploma in Engineering Technological Studies
    *Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
    *Diploma in Industrial Accountancy
    *Diploma in Banking
    *Diploma in Financial accounting
    *Diploma in Animation
    *Diploma in Film Making
    *Diploma in Travel and Tourism,etc....
    These are some of the Diploma courses which are available after completing your 12th class.....

    You will be having the career prospects which are equal to the Bachelor degree courses of study and you will behaving the time consumed and also you will be trained during your Diploma course and can be recruited directly.....

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    Re: Discuss the benefits of doing diploma after 12th?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Discuss the benefits of doing diploma after 12th?
    thank you.

    Friend ,,
    There are no benefits after 12th doing diploma you can join diploma after 10 itself or go for 12th and join any engineering course....

    This is mostly selected path by many students after completing their 10th. This path got this popularity due to its many benefits like the following.

    ->Directly doing Intermediate opens the gates for Engineering but its very tough to crack the entrance examinations like JEE and AIEEE due to heavy competition,for this reason only most of the students are very intelligently planning their path.

    ->One more important thing is the competition lateral entrance test like E-CET are having very low competition and easy to get a good rank.

    ->Most toughly said one thing due to polytechnic course the students theoritical and practical skills will be improved very brightly for this reason also 10th completed students are opting Polytechnic entrnace

    For doing polytechnic diploma in desired course one has to first prepare for polytechnic entrance conducted in April-May and more over he has to secure a good rank in this too.

    Then only the desired percentage can be achievable for B.Tech Lateral entry. So selecting a good govt polytechnic college is also a very important thing to do.

    After completing polytechnic diploma you have to clear the lateral entry entrance examination then only you are eligible for the admission into 2nd year.

    good luck !!!!!!!!!

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