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    Details about off campus recruitment's?

    actually sir in my college there will not come any company for campus selection.i have to try for the off campus recruitement.what should i do for off campus recruitment???

    plz help me.....this is my final year of B. Tech.

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    Re: Details about off campus recruitment's?


    No need to get worried as it is happening to most of the college now a days that they promise the student at the time of admission that we will give you 100 Percent placement but when it comes to placement time they use various excuses and try to pass time.

    If your college is not able to call any company then there is no need to get worried. First of all do something to get yourself job ready :-

    1. Brush up your Knowledge once again
    2. Prepare well with the general question asked in the interview like Tell me about yourself? etc
    3. Then prepare a good resume and mention all your achievements in that resume
    4. Register yourself with job recruiting sites
    5. You can even take help from consultancies
    6. Attend walk ins
    7. Improve your communication otherwise you can loose some important job because of that.
    8. Never hesitate and be polite
    9. Try ti make contacts so that they help you.
    10. Remember that Hard work, Dedication and Patience is necessary so apply these qualities in your attitude.
    11. Learn about the company before going for the interview.
    12. Never go for an Interview without proper research

    Hope it will assist you in getting a job

    All the best

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    Re: Details about off campus recruitment's?

    some of the companies like:
    dell international services
    amdocs limited
    net positive off campus recruitment
    customiged technologies private limited
    mahindra satyam in hyderabad.

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    Re: Details about off campus recruitment's?


    Some companies like ::
    -->> Amdocs Limited

    -->> Cognizant

    -->> Mahindra System in Hyderabad

    -->> Gen pact

    -->> Customized Technology Private Limited

    -->> Dell International Service.

    All the best................................

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