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    Which course should I opt between MBA and Law after completing BA?

    i have done my garduation in BA . i have problem in choosing between MBA or LAW for my further studies . i m nt able to decide which is better one for me . because no one around me have such kind of profession .

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    Re: Which course should I opt between MBA and Law after completing BA?

    The general eligibility for taking up LAW (LL.B) is 10+2.
    This means that you should have taken up CLAT 3 years ago. IF you are anyway interested in LAW, you may take up CLAT(entrance exam) and pursue with our studies.

    On the other hand, you are already having a degree in your hand. Doing a masters in the same field is always a better option. This is only my point of view.

    Think carefully before you take up any decision. Do what best suits you as you have both the options open.

    All the best!!

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    Re: Which course should I opt between MBA and Law after completing BA?

    Hello friend,

    Of course MBA will be better from my opinion.

    I would suggest you to MBA rather than LLB as MBA gives you Masters degree but LLB gives you Bachelors degree.Of course LLB is not bad if you are interested in it.Do not worry abiut the courses.

    Just chase your dreams and follow your interests and choose the one which like you more.So that you get much interest in it and I'm sure you will achieve your best in that course.Once you achieve in that course you will have greater options and opportunities all over the world irrespective of your degree course.You just have to prove your talent to the world.

    But if you do not have any plans and if you are slightly interested in law,the best course I can suggest is MBA in legal administration or MBA in corporate law.

    Both these courses teaches the management involved in governing the law so you can learn both management and as well as law and you can have opportunities in almost all sectors and mainly in corporate sectors with good pay package

    Eligibility for MBA in Corporate law

    1.You should have completed Bachelors degree in any stream with a minimum of 50% aggregate from a recognized university
    2.You should get through the entrance exams like
    PGCET etc etc
    3.There is no age limit

    Subjects covered in MBA corporate law

    1. General Management
    2. International Business
    3. Organizational Behaviour
    4. Business Administration
    5. Specialization I (Retail Management) Mandatory.
    6. Specialization II.

    Top colleges in India for MBA in corporate law
    • NALSAR University of Law - Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
    • Symbiosis Law School - Pune, Maharashtra
    • The Indian Law Institute - New Delhi The Indian Law Institute - New Delhi, Delhi
    • Symbiosis University - Pune, Maharashtra
    • J.S.S Law college - Mysore, Karnataka
    • Sri Vijayanagar College Of Law - Anantapur Sri Vijayanagar College Of Law - Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh
    • Acharya Nagarjuna University Centre For Distance Education - Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
    • Acharya Nagarjuna University - Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
    • Institute of Cooperation and Corporate Management Research and Training

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!

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