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    Which course is good after ICWA?

    After ICWA which course is sufficient for all student

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    Re: Which course is good after ICWA?

    Quote Originally Posted by dhiru0628 View Post
    After ICWA which course is sufficient for all student
    ICWA stands for Institute of Costs and Works Accountants.
    After completing the cost accountancy course, cost accountancy graduates can find jobs in the manufacturing sectors and as well as other sector.
    But nowadays the job opportunities are more in the service sector as this is sector which is showing the maximum growth.

    you can also aspire to become
    • Managing directors
    • Director –finance
    • Financial controller
    • Chief accountant
    • Cost controller
    • Chief internal auditor etc.
    You can also start your own consultancy.

    [COLOR="rgb(0, 191, 255)"]ICWA has also introduced one year course of accountant technician. This course will give knowledge to the young people in villages regarding accounting rules and responsibilities.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR="rgb(153, 50, 204)"]Cost accounting helps the companies in keeping their balance sheets up to date. It consists of a company’s assets and liabilities.
    Financial performance is evaluated, which helps the company keep in check its inputs and outputs. Cost accounting can be used as a tool for management in budgeting and setting up of few cost control programs.
    These measures can help make improved margins for the company.

    Cost accountants will collect information regarding financial matters and explain to the company board. Important decisions related to the companies are taken after the details have been explained. So, it is now clear how important the cost accountancy graduates are.

    Career opportunities after ICWA

    Cost accountants can work in various areas. Some of them are mentioned below:
    • Cost accounting
    • Auditing
    • System analysis
    • System management
    • Process management
    • Financial management
    • Internal auditing

    There are many opportunities for cost accountants in cement, steel and heavy engineering industries as well. The salary structure for such graduates is high.

    salary range up to Rs. 4-6 lakhs per annum.

    Consultancy services after ICWA
    • Many companies nowadays rely on external auditors to do auditing for their companies.
    • So, you can even start doing consultancy services after doing your ICWA course.
    • A cost accountant should be aware of any malpractices done by the company concerned, and bring it to the government’s notice.
    • Any violation of the law or malpractices will bring the auditors under government scrutiny. And all the blame will shift on the external auditors.
    • But this should not discourage the ICWA graduates from opening their own consultancies or businesses.
    thankyou !!!

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    Re: Which course is good after ICWA?

    which coure is good with icwa

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    Re: Which course is good after ICWA?

    I have completed my ICWA 2 year back and have been working in a Big 4. which course can I opt for now? will CIMA be helpful and is it valuable in India?

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