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    Which course is best among B.Sc (Nursing), B.Pharm & B.Sc (Chemistry)?

    Sir, am shabeer....
    I get 2 now.
    But there is so many courses...
    Bt i intrested to some courses..
    Such as bsc nursing, b.pharm,bsc chemistry.
    Pls help me to decide any course...
    Give me explanation for these courses...

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    Re: Which course is best among B.Sc (Nursing), B.Pharm & B.Sc (Chemistry)?


    friend what you have asked is common for all,every one had to take decision on which path we have to take..let me give you an idea hope you will understand and choose a career in one of the mentioned field

    1)BSc nursing=you opt for BSc nursing ,after completing your degree,you can join any hospital both in govt or private hospital..we know that if teh doctor is valued,the same nurse also have respect job..this also an every green job.which will have a demand,now,in the future..

    2)BSc in pharmacy=this field deals with preparation of medicine and drug formulation to treat the disease.if you go with B.pharmacy you can join in lab for medicine preparation or you can become a drug inspector.this is 4 year plan.

    3)BSc in chemistry=this field deals with analyzing the purity and efficiency of the synthesize drug or medicine .once the certification is given for the prepared drug ,then only it will be available in the market.this field is 3 year..it would be much better if you do master degree after completing Bsc..

    ***if we look all these field ,they are linked to one another.in the absence of one,rest doesn't have any value.right

    so whatever field you choose,you will never have regression.they have value forever.

    ***you can also join JRF after master degree. and do research in P.hd

    good luck

    thank you

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