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    Which course is best after 12th (commerce) if I wish to operate my family business?

    What to do for business?
    i have just pass 12 with commerce .,,so suggest me which course is better that help me to operate my family business ........

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    Re: Which course is best after 12th (commerce) if I wish to operate my family business?

    Hello aspirant!
    Since you have commerce background, and interest to take over your family's business, then I think you should choose BBA
    BBA is Bachelors in Business Administrations and is a 3 years course. It deals with various subjects related to business and administrations. It will really develop one's skill in business and since you claim to have a family business of your own, you can undergo something like internship in there too! And, you can try improving your business skills side by by watching over and applying your mind in your family skills as you study through BBA
    After completion of BBA, you can also go for MBA, which is a 2 years course. It is Masters in Business and Administration and is really desirable. You can get a lot of knowledge and business control skills through this course! You can even end up taking over your family business the day you finish MBA. But I would suggest you to watch over it in the side lines [just to get a complete picture and to bridge yourself from college to company] and then take over!

    All the Best!

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