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    Confusion/questions regarding B.Com courses of IGNOU. Why is it compulsory to have foundation course in Science and Technology and community organization management for community development? How are these foundation courses relevant to B.Com?

    The syllabus of Ignou's B.com course as follows:

    First Month B.Com IGNOU Subjects :

    Foundation Course in English
    Foundation Course in Science and Technology
    Foundation Course in English-1
    Foundation Course in Hindi-2
    Foundation Course in Hindi-1
    Community Organisation Management for Community Development

    Second MOnth B.Com IGNOU Subjects :

    Business Organisation
    Management Theory
    Mercantile Law
    Economic Theory
    Elements of Statistics
    Company Law
    Money, Banking and Financial Institutions
    Elements of Costing
    Elements of Income Tax
    Elements of Auditing
    Business Environment

    Third Month B.Com IGNOU Subjects :
    Feature Writing
    Writing for Radio
    Radio Lekhan (Hindi)
    Teaching Strategies
    Teaching English (Elementary School)
    Teaching English (Secondary School)
    Office Organisation Management
    Secretarial Practice
    Human Environment
    Teaching of Primary School Mathematics
    Export Procedures and Documentation
    Organizing Childcare Services
    Nutrition for the Community
    Consumer Studies
    (Ref: hxxp://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/aboutignou/school/soms/programmes/detail/191/2)

    Now I didn't understand a few things here.

    1. Among the foundation courses why am I required to study Foundation Course in Science and Technology nd Community Organisation Management for Community Development? How relevant these are with B.com?

    2. Which are elective courses and which are application-oriented courses?

    3. Among the courses given above, only the subjects for the second month seems to fit with B.com. In the third month what is the relevance of learning things like Organizing Childcare Services and Nutrition for the Community etc in B.com?

    4. What subjects am i supposed to study from 4th month onward?

    5. I am from Kolkata. Now there is no study center for B.com in Kolkata. How will I submit assignments, appear in exam, attend classes?

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