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    Which computer course is best for degree in Engineering?

    hello sir/mam
    Which compute course is best for degree in engineering

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    pabolu manikanta
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    Re: Which computer course is best for degree in Engineering?

    Hi dude...

    Engineering is one of the technical branch of study which is actually studied after the completion of the 12th class course of study and this Engineering course of study can be done for the 4 years full time course of study and degree in engineering is one of the best and most popular course of study..

    During this course of study in the engineering there are many other courses and also many of the short term courses which can be done along with the Engineering course of study..
    While doing the Bachelor of Technology in the Engineering there are many diploma and also short term courses in the computers which are available and which are of the job oriented courses of study are also available for the candidates during the Engineering course of study..

    Some of the short term courses which are available for the engineering graduates in the computers oriented courses of study are...
    My SQL
    Testing tools
    These are some of the courses which are available for the candidates while doing the engineering course of study these are some of the best preferred courses in the computers and you can take up any of these courses of study and the networking is one of the most preferred courses and these Networking deals withe study of the packet delivery and the connection of the routers and related study and this course of study has good job prospects as any of the company needs the network administrator for managing the company networks...

    these courses are available in the short term and after this course of study and also you can take up the short term courses of study and also there are many of the diploma level courses and in which you can take up these courses for long term diploma level study while doing your b.tech...

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    Re: Which computer course is best for degree in Engineering?

    Hi aspirant,

    A computer course being best depends upon its pursuer.
    Whether the student is interested in hardware or software.

    For software, programming is the basic as well as the core study of this course.
    Its different applications like operating system, system care software, net browsing, designing, video and mp3 players, photo editing, etc, are all derived from different programming languages.
    So a student confident in his knowledge of programming can opt for Computer science Engineering.

    For students interested in computer hardware and its designing IT is the best choice.
    But students of mechanical as well as electronics are eligible for computer hardware sector.

    You should also undergo other courses to gain some experience in handling industrial and programming processes.

    .NET Technologies
    Art & Animation
    Animation Film Making Picasso
    Digital Arts
    Aptech Computer Education
    Pro Arena Animation
    data entry
    Web designing
    Photo Shop and DTP


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