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    Completed engineering and MBA(EMBA) finance, working in software industry since 2005. I want to switch from software industry to management side. Can I get a job in management field as I have completed 1 yr executive MBA? If yes, How?

    Hai Friends,

    I have done my engineering few years ago in 2005(2001-2005) with 73.24% and then i did 1 year Executive MBA(EMBA) from 2009-2010 with 71.0% through the correspondence.
    I am also working in software field since 2005 so i have more than 6 years of experience in the software field. Now do I have any opportunity to go to management side? Or what kind of job i can get? As when I put my EMBA in my resume, the companies are asking that why you did it as its different field all together. So I am not getting any positive response with my EMBA degree?
    Can any one suggest what could be the best way to be in both the field at the same time. As i cant search job in Management field with out any experience in that field. I have only experience in Software Industry.
    Please help.

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