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    Completed 10th from C.B.S.E board. Which option would be better between "Continuing in some CBSE school + joining in a coaching institute" and "Joining a junior college where they teach both Inter and entrance exam coaching"?

    I completed my 10th from C.B.S.E board. I wanted to know which option would be better:-

    1) Continuing in some C.B.S.E School and joining coaching outside


    2) joining a Junior college where they teach for both Inter and coaching

    What i feel is that if i go with the first option then there is a possibility that i may not be able to juggle through both of them.but on the plus side in school they will concentrate only on 11th and 12th and in coaching the stress would only be on the preparation for entrance test.The timing for coaching is 2 hrs daily and a monthly test so i think the pressure would be less.But what if due to lesser hrs of coaching compared to corporate colleges it is not up to the mark.Another advantage is that i could continue with hindi instead of taking sanskrit. I mean i have always found it easier to study on my own than on depending on school.After school (the coaching is in the morning) i would have time to study on my own Which is not possible after college ends. Also beacuse of iseet many are saying cbse would be better.

    If i go with the second option then i feel that the main stress would be on preparation for entrance test with little concentration on 11th and 12th.Like they are planning to finish inter syllabus till aug-sept and then concentrating on only iit-jee etc And there are like weekly tests and everything so a lot of pressure plus college timings are 11-12 hrs and the board shifts from CBSE to SSE so i would need to try sanskrit instead of hindi-which i am good at. On the plus side the advantage is that everything would be on the same campus and everyone seems to be joining such colleges i mean all my friends have joined such colleges.So if i join school+coaching then would i be behind everyone i mean they would be spending 12hrs in college itself and i would be spending 6+2 hrs in whole in school and coaching.So if i dont join cooperate college would i be lagging.I mean without such intense coaching would i not get into iit?
    What is more logical and sensible option to take considering all pros and con?

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