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    Complete details about Science course?

    full detail on science course
    i mant o know what i have to if i take science ccourse

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    Re: Complete details about Science course?

    friend in which standard are you studying and in which standard science courses you want..
    here am providing some science courses related to undergraduates,masters level.

    [COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]All Courses in computer science[/COLOR]
    UN = Undergraduate level MA = Master’s level

    Introduction to Computer Science (UN)
    Software Development Methodology (UN)
    Graphical User Interfaces (UN)
    Computer Engineering (UN)
    Theoretical Computer Science (UN)
    Operating Systems (UN)
    Data Structures and Algorithms (UN)
    Computer Networking I (UN)
    Database Techniques (UN)
    C#.NET (UN)
    Software Test Design (UN)
    Applied Programming (UN)
    Programming Languages (UN)
    Computer Networking II (UN)
    Computer Security I (UN)
    Distributed systems and applications (UN)
    Computer Security II (UN)
    Software Engineering (UN)
    Project Work in Computer Science (UN)
    Computer Science - Degree project/ Bachelor´s project (UN)
    Performance Modelling and Simulation (MA)
    Mobile and Wireless Systems (MA)
    Topics in Computer Networking (MA)
    Topics in Computer Security (MA)
    Compiler Construction (MA)
    Perspectives in Computer Science (MA)
    Research Project in Computer Science (MA)
    Research Project in Computer Science (MA)
    .............all the best

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