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    Colleges that I can get in Madhya Pradesh after scoring 55 in MP PET and 70 in JEE Mains?

    my marks in mp pet 2013 is 55 and jee main 2013 is 70 what collages would i get in mp

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    Re: Colleges that I can get in Madhya Pradesh after scoring 55 in MP PET and 70 in JEE Mains?

    Hi aspirant,

    List of the Colleges you are eligible under Madhya Pradesh Pre Engineering Test are:

    Government Colleges:

    Indore SGSITS (1952)
    Jabalpur Engg. College (1947)
    Gwalior MITS(1957)
    Ujjain Engg. College (1966)
    Vidisha SATI (1960)
    I.G. Sagar Engg. College(1981)
    Rewa Engg. College(1964)

    Self Financing Institutions:

    IPST MGVV,Chitrakoot (1991)
    RJIT, Tekanpur (1999)
    BUIT,BPL (1997)
    IE Jiwaji University,GWL(1996)
    IET DAVV,IND (1996)
    UIT RGPV,BPL (1986)
    SET, Vikram University, Ujjain (2011)

    Bhopal Zone Private Colleges:

    Crescent College Of Tech., Bhopal (2007)
    Gargi Inst. Of Sc. & Tech., Bhopal (2008)
    Girdhar Siksha Evam Samaj Kalyan Samiti Group Of Inst., Bhopal (2009)
    Globus Engg College,Bhopal (2003)
    Gyan Ganga Inst Of Tech & Management, Bhopal (2007)
    IASSCOM Fortune Inst. Of Tech., Bhopal (2008)
    Millennium Inst. Of Tech., Bhopal (2009)
    Mittal Inst. Of Tech., Bhopal (2007)
    NRI Inst. Of Res. & Tech., Bhopal (2008)
    Oriental Institute Of Science And Technology, Bhopal (1995)
    Patel College Of Sc. & Technology, Bhopal (2002)
    Shree Institute Of Sc & Technology (SIST), Bhopal (2002)
    Shri Ram College Of Tech., Bhopal (2009)
    Sparta Institute Of Technology & Management, Bhopal (2010)
    Sri Satya Sai College Of Engg. Bhopal (2007)
    Surabhi College Of Engg. & Tech., Bhopal (2008)
    Surabhi Group Of Institutions, Bhopal (2010)
    Swami Vivekanand College Of Sc & Tech, Bhopal (2006)
    Technocrats Institute Of Tech. & Sc., Bhopal (2007)

    Acropolis Institute Of Tech & Research, Bhopal (2007)
    AGNOS College Of Tech., Bhopal (2009)
    Bagulamukhi College Of Tech., (BMCT), Bhopal (2009)
    Bansal College Of Engg,Mandideep (Bhopal) (2002)
    Bhabha Engg. Research Institute, Bhopal (2003)
    Bhopal Institute Of Tech. & Mgmt.(BITM), Bhopal (2009)
    Corporate Inst. Of Research & Tech., Bhopal (2011)
    Technocrats Institute Of Tech. (Excellence), Bhopal (2007)
    Technocrats Institute Of Technology, Bhopal (2000)
    Oriental College Of Technology, Bhopal (2002)
    TIT College, Bhopal (2008)
    Trinity Inst. Of Tech. & Research, Bhopal (2008)
    Truba College Of Sc. & Tech., Bhopal (2009)
    Truba Institute Of Engineering & Information Technology, Bhopal (2001)
    Vaishnavi Institutes Of Technology And Science(VITS),Bhopal (2010)
    Vedica Institute Of Technology, Bhopal (2007)
    Vidhyapeeth Inst. Of Sc. & Tech., Bhopal (2009)
    VNS GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS (VNS Institute Of Technology, Bhopal) (2006)

    Jabalpur Zone Private Colleges:

    Global Nature Care Sangathan's Group Of Inst.,Raighawa Jabalpur (2009)
    Guru Ramdas Khalsa Instt Of Sc. & Technology, Jabalpur (1997)
    Gyan Ganga College Of Technology, Jabalpur (2006)
    Gyan Ganga Institute Of Technology & Science, Jabalpur (2003)
    Hitkarni College Of Engg. Tech., Jabalpur (1997)
    Laxmi Narayan College Of Technology, (LNCT), Jabalpur (2008)
    Laxmibai Sahuji Inst. Of Engg. & Tech., Jabalpur (2008)
    Oriental Engg. College, Andhua, Distt., Jabalpur (2008)
    Oriental Inst. Of Sc. & Tech., Andhua, Distt., Jabalpur (2008)
    Prakash Inst. Of Engg. & Tech.,Jabalpur (2009)
    Premier Institute Of Technology, Jabalpur (2010)
    Radhaswami Institute Of Tech., Jabalpur (2009)
    Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Inst. Of Tech..,Jabalpur (2009)
    Saraswati Inst. Of Engg. & Tech., Jabalpur (2008)
    SGBM Inst. Of Tech. & Sc.,Bineke, Distt., Jabalpur (2008)
    Shri Ram Group Of Institution (Faculty Of Engg., Pharmacy,MBA,MCA)(Rewa Sikhsha Samiti's Group Of Institutions),Jabalpur (2009)
    Shri Ram Inst. Of Sc. & Tech., Jabalpur (2007)
    Shri Ram Institute Of Tech., Jabalpur (2001)
    Takshila Institute Of Tech., Jabalpur (2004)
    Vindhya Institute Of Tech. & Sc., Jabalpur (2007)

    Indore Zone Private Colleges:

    Acropolis Institute Of Tech & Research, Indore (2005)
    Acropolis Technical Campus (Transnational Knowledge Society's Group Of Insts.) Indore (2009)
    Astral Institute Of Technology & Res, Indore (2006)
    BM College Of Tech., Indore (2007)
    Central India Institute Of Technology, Indore (2004)
    Chameli Devi Institute Of Technology & Management, Indore (2006)
    Indore Inst. Of Sc. & Tech. Dehri Distt., Indore (2003)
    Indore Inst. Of Sc. & Tech.(II),Indore (2009)
    Institute Of Engg. Scs IPS Academy, Indore (1999)
    Jagadguru Dattatray College Of Tech, (JDCT), Indore (2006)
    Laxmi Narayan College Of Technology, Indore (2004)
    Lord Krishna College Of Tech., Indore (2006)
    Mahatma Gandhi Inst. Of Engg. & Mgmt., Indore (2007)
    Malwa Inst. Of Sc. & Technology, Limbod Gari, Indore (2008)
    Malwa Institute Of Technology, Indore (2004)
    Mandsaur Institute Of Technology,Indore (2010)
    Mathura Devi Inst. Of Tech. & Mgmt., Indore (2007)
    Medicaps Inst. Of Sc. & Tech., Indore (2009)
    Medi-Caps Institute Of Technology & Mgmt., Indore (2000)
    Nalin Institute Of Technology, Indore (2009)
    Patel College Of Sc. & Technology, Indore (2005)
    Priyatam Institute Of Tech., & Mgmt., Indore (2007)
    Rishiraj Institute Of Technology, Indore (2002)
    RKDF School Of Engg., Indore (2005)
    Royal College Of Technology, Indore (2006)
    Sanghvi Innovative Academy, Indore (2008)
    Sanghvi Institute Of Management & Science, Rau, Indore (2006)
    Shiv Kumar Singh Inst. Of Tech.& Sc., Indore (2007)
    Shri Vaishnav Institute Of Technology And Science, Indore (1995)
    Shri Venkateshwar Institute Of Technology, Indore (2006)
    Sri Aurobindo Inst. Of Tech., Indore (2009)
    Star Academy Of Tech & Management, Indore (2007)
    Sushila Devi Bansal College Of Technology (SDBCT), Indore (2005)
    Swami Vivekanand College Of Engg., Indore (2004)
    Truba College Of Engg. & Technology, Indore (2005)
    Vidya Sagar Institute Of Technology, Indore(2011)
    Vikrant Institute Of Tech. & Mgmt., Indore (2007)

    Gwalior Zone Private Colleges:

    Bathesda Institute Of Technology And Science, Gwalior (2011)
    Bhartiya Vidya Mandir College Of Tech & Mgmt., Gwalior (2004)
    GITS Gwalior Institute Of Tech. And Sc., Gwalior (2007)
    Hindustan Institute Of Technology Science And Management, Gwalior (2010)
    IMT Group Of Institutions (Institute Of Management & Tech.), Gwalior (2009)
    IPS College Of Technology & Mgmt., Gwalior (2007)
    ITM GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS (Institute Of Information Technology & Management, Gwalior) (2002)(Technical Campus)
    ITM GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS (Institute Of Technology & Mgmt., Gwalior) (1997) (Technical Campus)
    Kamla Kant Institute Of Technology And Management, Gwalior (2010)
    Lakshmi Narayan Academy Of Tech.,(LNAT), Gwalior (2009)
    Laxmi Narayan Institute Of Technology, (LNIT), Gwalior (2008)
    Maa Kailadevi Inst. Of Information Tech., Gwalior (2008)
    Maharana Pratap College Of Tech., Gwalior (1996)
    Maharana Pratap College Of Tech. & Mgmt., Gwalior (2009)
    Malwa Inst. Of Tech. & Mgmt.,Gwalior (2009)
    Nagaji Inst. Of Tech. & Mgmt., Gwalior (2003)
    NRI College Of Engg. & Mgmt., Gwalior (2009)
    NRI Institute Of Tech. & Mgmt., Gwalior (2002)
    Shri Krishna Institute Of Technology & Management, Gwalior (2010)
    Vikrant Inst. Of Tech. & Mgmt., Gwalior (2009)

    Other Private Colleges:

    Adina Inst. Of Sc. & Tech., Sagar (2009)
    Aditya College Of Tech. & Sc., Satna (2007)
    Alpine Institute Of Tech., Ujjain (2007)
    Babulal Tarabai Inst. Of Research & Tech(BTIRT), Sironga, Distt. Sagar (2008)
    Balaji Institute Of Technology, Barawani (2011)
    Bapu Institute Of Technology And Management, Morena (2011)
    Global Inst. Of Engg. & Sc., Sendhwa (2008)
    Gyan Sagar College Of Engg.,Seronja, Distt., Sagar (2009)
    Infinity Mgmt. & Engg. College, Patharia Jat Sagar (2008)
    Jawaharlal Institute Of Tech.,Khargone (1997)
    Jawaharlal Nehru College Of Tech., REWA (2007)
    Late Ramoti Devi Ist. Of Engg., Ujjain (2008)
    Mahakal Institute Tech & Mgmt. Ujjain (2007)
    Mahakal Institute Tech & Sc., Ujjain (2006)
    Mahakal Institute Of Technology,Ujjain (2001)
    Nagaji Inst. Of Tech. & Mgmt.,Datia (2009)
    Ojaswini Inst. Of Management & Tech., (OIMT) Damoh (2007)
    Prashantee Inst. Of Tech. & Science, Ujjain (2008)
    Rewa Institute Of Tech., Hazur Distt.,Rewa (2003)
    Sardar Patel College Of Tech., Balaghat (2008)
    Sardar Patel Institute Of Technology And Management, Mandleshwar, Khargone (2010)
    Shreejee Institute Of Technology And Management, Khargone (2010)
    Shri Balaji Inst. Of Tech. & Mgmt. Gohchi, Distt., Betul (2009)
    Shri Guru Sandipani Inst. Of Tech. & Sc.,Ujjain (2009)
    Shri Ram College Of Engg. & Mgt. ,Banmore,Morena (1998)
    Shri Ram Inst. Of Information Tech., Banmore,Morena (2007)
    Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Institute Of Technology, Datia (2002)
    Shri Yogindra Sagar Inst. Of Tech. & Sc., Dharad, Distt., Ratlam (2008)
    Srajan Inst. Of Technology, Mgmt. & Sc., Ratlam (2009)
    Sri Dadaji Inst. Of Tech. & Sc., Khandawa (2004)
    Sri Satya Sai Institute Of Sc. & Tech.,Sehore (1999)
    Swami Vivekanand Inst. Of Tech., Sagar (2008)
    Synergy Inst. Of Tech., Dewas (2008)
    Thakur Shiv Kumar Singh Memorial Engineering College, Burhanpur(2011)
    Vindhya Institute Of Tech. & Sc.,Satna (2002)
    New‐Tech Institue Of Engineering & Technology, Dewas (2012 )
    Sakshi Institue Of Technology & Management, Guna (2012 )


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