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    In chemistry, what is meant by valency?

    what is valancy?

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    Re: In chemistry, what is meant by valency?

    valency can be defined in many ways..
    in short we can say" The maximum combining capacity of an atom is called its valency."
    valency of an atom is a whole number. It can't be a fraction.
    Thank you.

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    Dhanraj Swarnakar
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    Re: In chemistry, what is meant by valency?

    Valency means the no. of bonds form by an atom.
    oxygen has two molecule
    so it has only first k shell.
    So the valency of oxygen is 2.
    that is the no. of atom.

    thank you.........

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    Re: In chemistry, what is meant by valency?

    dear friend ,

    -----in chemistry,valency is defined as number of electrons present in the outermost orbit of an element .

    -----hope you will get help from this answer .

    -----best of luck .

    -----avinashprashar[COLOR="rgb(154, 205, 50)"][/COLOR]

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    Re: In chemistry, what is meant by valency?

    I can explain you your problem very clearly in the chemistry langugae.But i think you will be unable to understand the solution.Because from seeing your question you are looking of +1 student.If i will also explain you this in Book language then what will be difference between The Career counseler and book??
    I am not telling that I will not explain you this in book language, but first i want to co-Relate your problem with daily life, then It will be more easy to understand you, your problem.

    Suppose you want to purchase The Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate of Rs. 10, And you have only 7 Rs in your pocket.But you are hungry & you need to eat this chocolate however.
    For eating this you need Rs. 3 more, there is no matter who is giving you 3 Rs.If some body gives you 3 Rs then only you can eat this chocolate other wise not.

    Same as in chemsitry THE NUMBER OF UNPARIED ELECTRON IN AN ATOM IS KNOWN AS VALENCY OR CO-VALENCY.Like for carbon atom its co Valency is four.Because after getting four electron It will be stable.For more details how the carbon has Four valency you can take the help from youe subject teacher.Because Teaching is not possible in this forum.

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    Re: In chemistry, what is meant by valency?

    Term valency is the ability of an element to combine with other elements by forming chemical bonds to make a phisically and chemically new a compound

    it is measured by calculating number of electrons left in the last shell of atoms (in the case of metals)
    while in non-metals,it is equal to 8 - number of electrons in the last shell of the atom

    For example-
    1.SODIUM (Na)- (it is a metal)
    Atomic number = 11
    its electronic configuration is - K=2 , L=8,M=1
    hence the valency is 1

    2. OXYGEN(O)- (it is a non-metal)
    Atomic number = 8
    [COLOR="rgb(0, 100, 0)"]its electronic configuration is - K=2 , L=6
    [/COLOR]HENCE VALENCY= 8-6 = 2


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    Re: In chemistry, what is meant by valency?

    The Number of Vacant Electrons in Last Sub-Shell.

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    Re: In chemistry, what is meant by valency?

    In chemistry, valence, also known as valency or valence number, is a measure of the number of bonds formed by an atom of a given element. "Valence" can be defined as the number of valence bonds a given atom has formed, or can form, with one or more other atoms. For most elements the number of bonds can vary. The IUPAC definition limits valence to the maximum number of univalent atoms that may combine with the atom, that is the maximum number of valence bonds that is possible for the given element

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