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    Career prospects for girls after B.Tech in Civil Engineering?

    reply me urgent.

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    Re: Career prospects for girls after B.Tech in Civil Engineering?

    Civil engineering candidates have immense career opportunities. The candidates after successfully completing can get in to both government and private companies for jobs. They have opportunities in the various construction companies. Also they can be part of various designing projects, research and development firms etc. The candidates can get in to core technical firms and also in to other prominent government sectors. They can apply for different PSU firms. They can also apply for the banking jobs if they interested in it. They can also attend the IES exam. Apart from this, they can also opt for the PG course in the same field and get in to academic areas if they have an aptitude towards teaching jobs.

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    S Venkateshwarulu
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    Re: Career prospects for girls after B.Tech in Civil Engineering?

    Hi Buddy,

    Civil Engineers have plenty of opportunities after completion of their Graduation. Some of the career opportunities are given below.

    1. Job
    2. Higher Education

    Job :

    Civil Engineers can find plenty of opportunities in Public and Private sectors.

    Public Sector Jobs :

    The various Public Sector jobs like IES - Indian Engineering Services, Civil Services (IAS/IPS), Banking Sector jobs, research programmes, etc....

    Private Sector Jobs :

    The various Private sector jobs are L & T infotech, Construction Companies, development firms, teaching etc....

    Higher Education :

    In higher Education they can choose various options such as


    Since you have studied in B.Tech then it would be Better for you to do M.Tech because the same subjects are studied in depth with a specific course specialization. After Completion of M.Tech you can have numerous opportunities available. As it would be keeping in the same stream where you had your graduation same will be your post graduation as well.

    If you opt out for MBA then you would be required to exhibit great amount of communication skills and management skills to succeed in any of the specializations in MBA such as Finance, Marketing, Operating, HR,IT, etc.... The opportunities of getting into a successful career are plenty, if you work hard and show great determination.

    As mentioned above after graduation in civil engineering opportunities are plenty, you can Choose any of the two options i.e either Job or higher studies but if u join job after graduation it would take you some time to settle down in your career but if you choose higher education then it will help you settle down quickly because of your dual degree and continuous flow of education without break will also help you being focused and achieving higher.

    All the best.

    @ S.Venkateshwarulu

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    Re: Career prospects for girls after B.Tech in Civil Engineering?

    whether the job in civil engineering is a too much hardship for girls?

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