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    Career prospects for B.Arch graduates?

    hello sir/mam
    What is prospects for b.arch graduates?

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    Re: Career prospects for B.Arch graduates?

    Hi aspirant,

    Bachelor in Architecture is amongst those graduate level courses that are much in demand these days.
    This course study is placed next has a place next to the B.E and B.Tech courses.
    Aspirants need to remain dedicated and very much committed to their studies to achieve their goals.
    This combinational process will make a person able to get a very good job.

    After accomplishing their education in this field, they can get employed in constructions firms or with any other firms of the public or private sectors.
    Mainly professionals are demanded in this field of architecture,
    So it is almost easily possible for one to get jobs immediately.
    These firms also provide a lucrative amount of salary.
    Most of the companies seek for the experience a person possesses.
    Candidate having high qualification in addition to the work experience gets employed very easily.
    Jobs are not limited within our country only, job prospects are also available in abroad too.
    As a factor of risk, so starters are not allowed to lead any projects in major national and multinational firms.
    Some job profiles are:
    Architectural Journalist
    Building Planner
    Building Contractor
    Building Inspector
    Interior Designer
    Architectural Engineer
    Architectural Historian
    Art Director
    Technical Illustrator
    Landscape Planner

    There are also higher studies like post Graduate course in design for those who do not wish to go for jobs immediately.
    Candidates can go for Master in Technology in Designing.
    After master degree there are various job options available for you.
    If you wish you can also go for Doctor of Philosophy course(most popularly known as PhD).
    With such higher qualification candidates can look for ample career growth with good salary and perks,
    Possibly they can also demand their own salary.


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    Re: Career prospects for B.Arch graduates?

    Itís a very good course and has plenty of good scope also.you can register with Council of Architecture, then only you'll be able to practice as an Architect.
    There are always a number of jobs for architects but limited to metropolitan cities.

    Top Indian organizations for architectural engineers: -

    Hafeez Contractor
    Manchanda Associates
    Architect Consultants
    VSA Space Design (P) Ltd.
    Edifice Architects Pvt.Ltd.
    Chitra Vishwanath Architects

    As a fresher you may have to work for a meager salary about Rs 15000 a month but after 3-4 years you may earn upto Rs 60-80000 or more.


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