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    Career options for Home science students?

    career building
    how to get a good career in this field ? I am a home Sc. student with read in M.Sc 1st year.tell me please.............

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    pabolu manikanta
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    Re: Career options for Home science students?

    Hi dude...

    Home science is the study of the better living and the study mainly corresponds to the study of the Eco system around the family and the natural man made environment.This course of study gives the candidate all the scientific methods of making the home beautiful.

    This Home science integrates various sciences and humanities and involves in the development of human environment,family environment,nutrition,management of resources and family and home development,these are the different things which are involved in the Home sciences...
    This Home science is available in the under graduate level degree course of study which is offered by the many of the universities in India and also available in PG course of study also...

    some of the career prospects which are available for the candidates of Home sciences are of.
    >>Catering services
    >>Institutional management
    >>Extension and social well fare
    >>business and industrial concern
    >>communication and self employment
    >>food preservations
    >>specialized cooking
    >>dress making
    >>Fashion designing,etc..
    These are the different areas where the home science graduates can find their employment....

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