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    Can you tell me how will be a life of techie in a MNC environment?

    Can you tell me how will be a life of techie in a MNC environment?

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    Re: Can you tell me how will be a life of techie in a MNC environment?

    The question can have different answers according to the different approach of different "techies". The life can be both hectic and normal all according to your perspective of approach and daily routine. See, now I will first discuss how your life can be hectic.
    i)If you do not devote the entire time you are in the office towards your job. That means if you invest most of the time in loitering about the different office cabinets and gossiping with fellow workers. Many people complain of workload and they always bring a huge amount of work at home. To me if you ask, this may not be necessary partially if you totally devote the 8 hours of office time mostly in doing the given amount of work and presentations.
    ii)If you do not plan your work schedule. See what happens is mostly the work involves not only the designing or coding, it also involves giving presentations and maintaining a regular interaction with the client, and other smaller and bigger things. So for all this to happen smoothly, what you need is proper planning. If you maintain a proper routine and divide your time properly for each thing, then at the end of the day or at the end of the working project, you would not have things going hay wire.

    Now let me state two things how you can make your life smooth being a techie.
    i) Mostly try to take less work at home so that you can enjoy your leisure. Mostly you will get Saturdays and Sundays off in corporate houses. In that case make it a point to make your Saturday as your working day. Work hard and finish off most of the work on that day. So you will have Sunday left to you for total enjoyment.
    ii) Give most time of your work either on designing the layout or working out the presentation for the client. These two things will make the proper premise for you to build your project work nicely. the more you give time to it, the more decent will be your work procedure.

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