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    Can I start a social networking site?

    Can I start a social networking site?

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    bhavya nagarajan
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    Re: Can I start a social networking site?

    Yes, you can definitely start a social networking site.
    You need to initially seek permission & register to the concerned authorities.
    You need to have specialized knowledge in networking.
    Also you need to delegate authority to a trust worthy person.
    all the best.

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    Just Guesss?
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    Re: Can I start a social networking site?

    Hello Friend !!

    Yes, you can Develop your own Social Networking Site.

    Firstly, Create and Develop the Site which you want to launch.

    You need to take the Internet's Server Permission and Search Engines Permission to launch your site.

    Taking the Permission is a thing which is highly expensive.

    You need to produce your Domain to the Internet .

    The Internet Server will view your site, and make an analysis which need to be satisfy them.

    If your Site impress the Internet Community then they will approve if for appearing in the Internet.

    There are some sites, where you can launch a Website for free :



    Important Note :

    Make the Site which is useful for the users rather than your particular interests.

    The Web Designing must be very impressive so that many users gets attracted to it.

    Redesign if necessary.

    The most important thing is Security Issues, the site which you develop must be highly secure so that vulnerable users cannot hack the existing users in the site.

    The Accessing speed and the sites flexibility must be very high to grab many users into it.

    Tell everyone you know online and offline about your new website for free publicity.

    Social media websites E.g. StumbleUpon.com, Digg.com.

    All the Best !!

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    Re: Can I start a social networking site?

    Dear Friend , you can definitely start a social networking website if you think that you can present some new things and facilities in competition to Facebook ,Twitter , Google+ . this is because, if you plan to launch a social networking site then it will expense a lot , so in order to earn revenue from your site , you must have to present something special than the existing ones . If You Need Any king of Support For Your Social Networking Website , You Can Contact me as i am also developina a social networking website : http://www.twinge.in .

    Contact No. - +91 9572 61 7715

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