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    Can I start my JEE preparation from class 8th on wards?

    can i start preparing for iit jee from std 8
    reply me

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    Re: Can I start my JEE preparation from class 8th on wards?

    which is the easy way to learn ?

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    Re: Can I start my JEE preparation from class 8th on wards?

    hey ,
    you don't need to take the tension so earlier. because when you are in the 8th standerd you have not capacity to learn the high level syllabus of subjects.
    syllabus of the JEE from the 11th and 12th class so when you are 11th then you can understand the topics.
    you have two years of 11th and 12th in which you can do it practice by taking the couching from good reference institute.by couching you can know the short cut tricks for solve the question with in a minute.

    best of luck for future!

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    Re: Can I start my JEE preparation from class 8th on wards?

    Hello Friend,

    It is a good decision to join in JEE in this early stage.But,according to me right time to start preparation for IIT-JEE is just after 10th standard because it is always beneficial .

    >>In some schools they are starting teaching IIT-JEE classes from 9 th standard on wards.

    >>If you joins coaching classes for iit at 10 th standard then it is more than enough time .

    >>One thing that you should keep in mind is to fully grasp the concept of the chapters as iit jee actually checks the students' basic concepts at a higher level.

    >>In the beginning you need to collect all information about the exam pattern, course, study material and tutors.

    >>And If you start after 11th or 12th standard also you will lot of time is spend in collection of above materials and to start preparation.

    >>But it is better to start in early stage only to crck JEE.

    >>Because it is very hard task yo crack IIT-JEE exams.There should be good preparation to crack these type of entrances.

    >>There will be lot of competition for these exams.

    >>So start early as possible as per your interest.

    *It is better to join coaching classes after 10th only although many students now a days started taking coaching from class 8th as the foundation courses for IIT JEE exam.

    *But they are not as much necessary if you are sincere towards your studies.

    *If you are feeling difficulty in understanding then you can go for coaching classes.

    Some Good Institutes Are:




    4)FIT JEE.


    All The Best...

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    Re: Can I start my JEE preparation from class 8th on wards?


    If you are so enthusiastic about the JEE then you can start your preparation from 8th onwards and in the preparation you have to just do is that clear your basics which will help you in 11th and 12th class preparation.

    So read carefully the subjects which involve physics,chemistry, Mathematics.

    After clearing IIT-JEE exam you will get admission in following colleges.

    Indian Institute of Technology is known for its grueling admission process, with an acceptance rate of 2%. Governed by the Institute of Technology Act, 1961, the IITs have been declared as “institutions of national importance”. Each IIT center is an autonomous university linked to others through a common council. As per order of establishment the different IITs are –
    • IIT Kharagpur (Kharagpur)
    • IIT Bombay (Mumbai)
    • IIT Madras (Chennai)
    • IIT Kanpur (Kanpur)
    • IIT Delhi (New Delhi)
    • IIT Guwahati (Guwahati)
    • IIT Roorkie (Roorkie)
    • IIT Ropar (Rupnagar)
    • IIT Bhubaneswar (Bhubaneswar)
    • IIT Gandhinagar (Gandhinagar)
    • IIT Hyderabad (Hyderabad)
    • IIT Patna (Patna)
    • IIT Rajasthan (Rajasthan)
    • IIT Mandi (Mandi)
    • IIT Indore (Indore)
    • IT-BHU (Varanasi)

    Courses Offered by IITs
    • Biological Science & Bioengineering
    • Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering
    • Aerospace
    • Physics
    • Electronics
    • Textile Technology
    • Computer Science
    • Civil
    • Mathematics and Computing
    • Chemical
    • Electrical
    • Computer Applications
    • Applied Mechanics
    • Process Engineering and Design
    • Engineering Physics
    • Biotechnology
    • Production and Industrial


    1)You can attempt JEE only twice, in consecutive years.

    2)You should have either passed the qualifying examination in the year of the test or the year previous to it.

    3)You should NOT have accepted admission by paying full fees at any of the IITs, IT-BHU, Varanasi or ISMU, Dhanbad, through earlier JEE.

    4)You must have completed or appearing the 12th Board exams for the Central/State Board, such as Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi; Council for Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi etc.

    5)You must have secured at least 60% marks in the 12th Board exams.

    6)There is a relaxation of 5% in marks for the Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST) and Physically Disabled (PD).

    Examination Schedule: April 10, 2012:

    Paper 1 and Paper 2 each will have separate sections in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Both papers will be of objective type, designed to test comprehension, reasoning and analytical ability of candidates.


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    Re: Can I start my JEE preparation from class 8th on wards?

    dear friend ;

    ---------in my view ,this is a good decision to start the preparation for jee examination from class 8th .

    ------------because starting preparation of jee at this earlier stage will give you more time to understand the syllabus of jee .

    -------------------now friend many books for jee has started from class 8 onwards for maths , physics & chemistry are available in the market .

    ---------------------------------but friend i will also request you to give attention to your syllabus of class 8th as well .

    ---------------------------------------------------all the best --------------------------------------------------------------------------


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    Re: Can I start my JEE preparation from class 8th on wards?

    Dear friend,
    I do not think that it is necessary for you to begin your preparations for IIT JEE from your 8th grade itself.
    It will only put more pressure on your head when you need to concentrate on your syllabus at school.
    If you start preparing for the examination after your 10th Board Exam, you will have more than ample time to revise for your exams.
    Remember that the exam also take into the account your performance in your 12th Boards, therefore, you better work hard and study well...
    I wish you the best of luck... :)

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    Re: Can I start my JEE preparation from class 8th on wards?

    Dear friend,

    Since, you are in 8th standard now, so this is not right moment for you to start preparation for it.

    You must first complete your High School Board Exams with good marks in PCM.

    Then, just after passing 10th class, start preparation for IIT-JEE exam.

    However, IIT-JEE exam has been renamed as JEE Advanced exam.

    And for appearing in this exam, you will have to appear for JEE Mains Exam (earlier AIEEE exam).

    JEE Mains Exam will be conducted by CBSE 2 months before JEE Advanced Exam.

    For cracking JEE Mains Exam, you must follow these steps:

    >> Study at least 8-10 hours daily for the exam preparation.

    >> Join any good coaching institute for the preparation of JEE Mains Exam.

    >> Solve each Sheet and Assignments fully so that you may learn more and more concepts, techniques, etc. to solve questions.

    >> Solve previous year question papers.

    >> Purchase good reference books for the preparation of JEE Mains Exam.

    Some of the good reference books for the preparation of JEE Mains Exam are:

    35 Year IIT-JEE + 11 Year AIEEE Topicwise Solved Paper Chemistry
    by O. P. Agarwal, Deepak Agarwal
    Publisher: Disha Publication (2012)
    Price: Rs. 278

    35 Years IIT-JEE + 11 Years AIEEE Topicwise Solved Papers Physics
    by Sunil Batra
    Publisher: Disha Publication (2012)
    Price: Rs. 263

    35 Years IIT-JEE + 11 Year AIEEE Topicwise Solved Papers Mathematics (Paperback)
    by Mamta Batra
    Publisher: Disha Publication (2012)
    Price: Rs. 251

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    Re: Can I start my JEE preparation from class 8th on wards?

    I am in class 9th and want to start preparations for JEE exam .Is it right time to start?

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