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    Can I select Pubjabi as additional subject in B.A 1st year?

    Can I select Pubjabi as additional subject in B.A 1st year?

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    Re: Can I select Pubjabi as additional subject in B.A 1st year?

    Yes, definitely you can select Punjabi language. But I think you meant pass subjects and not additional subject.Because there is nothing called additional subject in a graduatiob program. You stream is arts. Here normally you have one major subject for your honors course. Other than your main honors subject you need two other subjects which would serve as your main two pass subjects. This can be any arts subject other than your honors subject. Leaving these two pass subjects you have to take two or three more subjects, just to keep language subjects in your course, depending on your institute. You definitely have Engligh Language as one of the subjects. Other subjects depend on your first language, or your preference and other aspects maintained in your institute. Here as you mentioned your preference, Punjabi can definitely your option. But this has also match with the norms maintained in the institute. If your institute has no other subject than English and Hindi, then you don't have much of a choice but if they do have a provision, then you can absolutely go for it.

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    Re: Can I select Pubjabi as additional subject in B.A 1st year?

    Hello Friend !!

    B.A -- Bachelor of Arts.

    This is a Graduation Course in the field of Arts.

    The Duration of the Course generally lasts for 3 years only which is further divided into many semesters.

    As you are asking about the Additional Subjects which can be added in the First Semester of the Course.

    First have a look on the Complete Structure of the Course Curriculum, which is Static.

    As we know the 3 years of the course is divided into many Semesters.

    The Following are the Subjects Involved per every Semester :


    PAPER 1 The Social and Literary Context: Medieval and Renaissance
    PAPER 2 Medieval and Renaissance: Poetry and Plays


    PAPER 3 The Social and Literary Context: Restoration to the Romantic Age
    PAPER 4 Restoration to Romanticism English Poetry, Drama and Fiction


    PAPER 5 The Social and Literary Context: The Victorian World
    PAPER 6 Victorian Poetry and Fiction


    PAPER 7 The Social and Literary Context: Modernism and After:
    PAPER 8 English Poetry and Fiction: Modernism and After


    PAPER 9 Drama: Theory and Practice – I
    PAPER 10 Drama: Theory and Practice – II
    PAPER 11 The Essay in English: Addison to Dickens
    PAPER 12 The Essay in English: The Twentieth Century
    PAPER 13 Life Writing: Biographies, Memoirs and Letters
    PAPER 14 Women’s Writing


    PAPER 15 Literary Criticism
    PAPER 16 Twentieth Century Criticism and Theory
    PAPER 17 Nature
    PAPER 18 Western Mythology: Introducing Classical, Judaic & Christian Myth
    PAPER 19 and 20 (Optional Papers).

    Option A: Indian English Literature
    Option B: American Literature
    Option C: Women and Literature
    Option D: English Language and Linguistics 1
    Option E: African Literature in English
    Option F: Book into Film

    So this is the entire Course Structure as per the Semester Wise.

    The Structure of the course is already pre-defined.

    No changes in the Subjects are encouraged till the 6th Semester.

    So you are not allowed for taking the Punjab Subject as an Additional Subject in your B.A Ist Semester.

    Good Luck !!

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    Re: Can I select Pubjabi as additional subject in B.A 1st year?

    Can I select additional subject of quantitative technique in B.A.?

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