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    Can I manage to prepare for JEE in just one year?

    Can I manage to prepare for JEE in just one year?

    thank you.

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    Re: Can I manage to prepare for JEE in just one year?

    dear student,
    It will be my pleasure to say that if your concepts are clear then you can surely get ready for hishest level engineering exams
    but if you are an average level student then you have to work very hard to get near it,IIT paper setters are professors of iits
    with tons of experience and they can make such questions that can check one s understanding level to the deepest of concepts
    available.so dont take it lightly if you are determined then please start working from now,because in 11th hour you cant do anything
    .so prepare your self for it by following a hard study schedule and try to analyse the concepts to the best you can.my best wishes
    for yur exams.

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    Re: Can I manage to prepare for JEE in just one year?

    Hello friend clearing IIT is difficult task , if you are trying to complete in one year then working ard is must
    1. For passing IIT you mnust be first be perfect in NCERT 10+2 or intermediate theory part first
    2. In every problem you must recognise the term and understand it so that you can solve it easily
    3. Patience is very necessary for solving problems
    4. Every you must read more than 4 hours

    It's very better for you to take coaching
    You can use books like

    Physics for IIT-JEE :
    1. Physics by H.C. Verma
    2. Problems in physics by I.E. Irodov
    3. Resnick and Halliday

    Chemistry for IIT-JEE :
    1. Organic Chemistry by Morrison & Boyd
    2. Reaction mechanism in Organic Chemistry by Parmar Chawla
    3. Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J.D. Lee
    4. IIT Chemistry by O.P. Aggarwal
    5. General chemistry by J.D. Lee

    MatheMatics :
    1. High school mathematics by Hall and Knight
    2. IIT Maths by M.L. Khanna
    3. Calculus and analytic geometry by G.N.Berman
    4. Calculus and analytic geometry by Thomas and Finney
    5. Coordinate geometry by Loney

    all the best

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