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    Can I give IES exam being a computer science student?

    hello sir..
    its udisha..
    i wanna ask u dat i m student of computer science branch, 3rd year student..
    may i give I.E.S. Exams...n if yes..plz suggest me subjects what i select..

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    Re: Can I give IES exam being a computer science student?

    Sorry to say that computer science department are not applicable for IES Exam.

    IES Stands for Indian Engineering Service examination and this examination is conducted by Union Public Service Commission Once in a year.

    If you have completed Engineering course from any discipline then also you are applicable for IES exam OR If you have M.Sc degree in Physics , Radio Physics then you are applicable for IES exam.Final year student also eligible for IES exam .

    If you have completed engineering discipline in following departments then you are
    eligible for IES exam

    1.Civil Engineering
    2.Electrical Engineering
    3.Mechanical engineering.
    4.Electronics and Communication Engineering.

    The applicant age should between 21 yrs to 30 yrs.Age relaxation is provide for SC/ST/OBC candidate.

    Number of attempts for IES exam is for general student it is 4., for OBC it is 7 times. and for SC/ST it is 9 time.

    For more information , you can also visit http://upsc.gov.in

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    Re: Can I give IES exam being a computer science student?

    dear i am sorry to inform you but you but you cannot appear for IES as per latest rules.................if the rules change in future then you may get a chance.................but as of now the students who have done engg in electrical, mechanical, civil, electronics, electronics & telecommunication are applicable for IES

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    Re: Can I give IES exam being a computer science student?



    You ate not eligible for IES exam.

    IES stand for - Indian Engineering Service.

    This exam conduct by UPSC.

    IES Eligibility like ::
    -->> The candidates must be complete your B.Tech degree in any recognized university.

    -->> your B.Tech courses was,





    -->> your age limit between 21 to 30 years.

    -->> Relaxation was Govt rules.

    Number of Attempts like ::
    -->> General candidates 3 times.

    -->> OBC candidates 7 times.

    -->> SC / ST candidates no limit .

    All the best.......................................

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    Re: Can I give IES exam being a computer science student?

    See dear , basically only those who satisfies the criterions mentioned below are allowed to appear for the IES exam-

    1>those who have got Indian citizenship

    2>Those , whose age is between 21-30 years.

    3>those who have completed B.Tech/B.E from a recognized university by AICTE in any of the streams/branch below-
    a>Electronics and communication Engineering
    b>Electrical engineering
    c>Mechanical/production Engineering
    d>Civil engineering

    4>Those who are currently in final year of B.Tech can also appear.

    So as you have done B.tech in computer science stream , you cannot appear for the IES exam.
    But you have other UPSC exam which you can appear .
    you can appear for the IPS , IAS exams.


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    Re: Can I give IES exam being a computer science student?

    Sir being a cs student can i appear in iAS OR IPS examination?

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    Re: Can I give IES exam being a computer science student?

    hello friend

    You are not eligible for IES exam

    Hello friend you can't be eligible for IES exam it is conducted by UPSC board only for
    1. Mechanical engineering
    2. Electrical engineering
    3. Electronics engineering
    4. Civil engineering

    IES Eligibility Criteria

    1. Age limits: 21-30 years on 1st August of the year of Examination.
    2. Educational Qualifications: A degree in Engineering from a recognized university
    or equivalent.
    3. M.Sc degree or its equivalent with
    i. Wireless Communications
    ii. Electronics
    iii. Radio Physics or Radio Engineering as special subjects also acceptable for certain Services/posts only.
    4. Candidates appearing at their engineering degree or equivalent examination are also eligible to compete.

    all the best...........

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    Re: Can I give IES exam being a computer science student?

    Hello friends...............!
    I am Sory to say that computer science people are not eligible for the I.E.S exam which it stands for Indian engineering service and for eligiblity you must be complite the 4years engineering course and the courses are related for the I.E.S exam are as follows:-
    1.civil engineering
    2.mechanical engineering
    3.Electrical engineering and so many other courses are there which should be choose and complete it in one attempt and if you have m.sc graduate student which are in telecommunication,radio and also physics they must be in final year i.e the final year students are eligible for the I.E.S exam and the age limit must be 21 years to 30 years for these exam and the number of attempts are:-
    1.general students has 4 times to attempt for the exam.
    2.O.B.C students has 7 times to attempt for these exam and at last 3.S.C/S.T students are having fully 9times to attempt these exam sooo if you want to go for these exam either you should be completed 4years engineesing or neither you should be m.sc graduate for eligible criteria.
    so all the best for your birght future and good lucky my friend......!

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    Thumbs up Re: Can I give IES exam being a computer science student?

    Sorry ,you are not eligible for IES exam .

    Candidates from engineering background can appear in this exam,it is conducted for following branches-

    Mechanical engineering

    Civil engineering

    Electrical engineering

    Electronics and communication engineering

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    Re: Can I give IES exam being a computer science student?

    sir.... i am pure electronics engineering student... can i give I.E.S. exam & if yes what is syllabus for it...????

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    Re: Can I give IES exam being a computer science student?

    • Hello friend
    • IES stands for Indian Engineering Services
    • Being a Computer science engineering completed candidate you can't apply for IES exam
    • Only the candidates completed B.Tech in
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Electrical engineering
    • Electronics engineering
    • Civil engineering are eligible
    • IES exam is conducted by UPSC board
    • The same age limits and relaxations are provided for IES as that of other UPSC exams
    • The age limit is 21 - 30 years
    • The relaxation of age is
    • OBC - 3 years
    • SC, ST - 5 years
    • all the best
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    Re: Can I give IES exam being a computer science student?

    Well IES stands for Indian Engineering Services.It is a civil service exam conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Comission) every year.

    Engineering students under following department are only eligible for writing this exam

    + Civil

    +Electric and Electronics

    + Mechanical and

    + Electronics and Communication.

    Since you are a Computer Science student you are not eligible for writing this exam.

    The candidate age must lie between 21 - 30 years. 3 years relaxation for OBC and 5 years relaxation for ST & SC candidates

    ......All the best.....

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    Re: Can I give IES exam being a computer science student?


    Iam sorry to say this only engineering graduation completed candidates are eligible for IES(Indian Engineering Service).

    Eligibility criteria:-

    The applicant should be complete graduation in any of the following stream from a recognised university.

    Civil Engineering,

    Mechanical engineering,

    Electrical engineering,

    Electronics and Communication engineering.

    Application must be a citizen of India.

    Percentage is not required to apply this exam.

    Age criteria:-

    The age limits are 21 years to 30 years,

    3 years age relaxation for OBC candidates,

    5 years age relaxation for SC/ST candidates.

    Selection process:-

    Preliminary exam,

    Mains exam,

    Personal interview.

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