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    Can I get a job in preparing drugs after completing M.Pharmacy?

    if i complete m.pharmacy do i get job in preparing drugs?

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    Hello Navya

    Yes, sure you can get a job in the production unit in different Pharmaceutical companies after the completion of your M.Pharmacy.

    The pharma industries mainly recruit the M.Pharmacy aspirants who completed their Masters Degree in Pharmaceutics ( Manufacturing Pharmacy ) to operate the various equipments during the manufacturing of the pharmaceutical products where the highly qualified graduates can know the correct usage and handling of the task.

    Apart from the manufacturing unit there are various units in the Pharma industries where they recruit the M.Pharmacy graduates like

    Quality Control / Quality Assurance
    : This the unit in the industry where the M.Pharmacy Analysis graduates get their jobs, and main task is to analyze the Drugs and its various Excipients during the manufacturing to meet the quality and purity and also post manufactured Drugs to analyze the Quality of the product weather they meet the guidelines as prescribed.

    Research Department : Here the clinical trails and assessment of various Drugs can be taken place and also to know the various actions of Drug on the body, its side effects based on the research conducted by the people, if you have opted M.Pharmacy Pharmacology then you can get a place over this area.

    If you want to be a Scientist in invention of new Drugs, then you can go if you are from M.Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Chemistry but the research field staff is maintained by only MNC's you get placed over there if you have good application skills.

    Apart from this Navya i says that as the competition is more in the Indian Pharma companies due the out put of the graduates are increasing every year the industries are recruiting any M.Pharmacy graduates except some MNC's which prefer specific qualification.

    So apart from that the real fact is that, getting into an industry these days are through reference, so if you have strong reference then you can attend for an interview in the companies.

    Another course for the Science Graduates is now where you can get white collar jobs through Pharmacovigilance course, which mainly focuses on the sending a prescribed format of clinical trail ans marketed Drugs reports of Adverse Events to the Health Authorities. Course will be a short duration after which you will get the placements in different pharma companies.

    So these all information and for any further you can leave your message here navya.


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