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    Can I get job after MCA despite having less percentage in bachelors degree?

    pls help me,,,thanks in advance,,,,
    very quickly i took admisition on mca,,,i have ranked on jeca 972,,,,,
    my question is!!!
    can i get a gob after complete mca???
    because i have nt gd no on graduation,,,
    i am math hons student under cu,,,comple bsc only 45%,,, :-(
    but i have 65% in 10 th standard
    61% in 12 th standard!!!but bsc only 45%
    i am general student,,,,my spokn english is mediam,,but i improved this very quickly,,
    if i do a very gd score in mca,,,,then after complete mca
    can i get a good job????????

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