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    Can I do M.C.A after B.Sc (IT)?

    can i prepare for m.c.a after bs.it ?

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    varalakshmi nelavelli
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    Re: Can I do M.C.A after B.Sc (IT)?

    hi friend,

    yes,you can do MCA after B.Sc(IT). For that you have to give entrance exam for MCA ,i.e,ICET

    ICET(Integrated Common Entrance Test)
    the syllabus for this exam is
    General Information: 200Questions(200Marks; Time:150 min)

    Section-A :Analytical Ability -75Q(75M)
    1)Data Sufficiency : 20Q (20 marks)
    2)Problem Solving :55Q(55M)
    a)Sequence and series 25Q(25M)
    b)Data Analysis 10Q(10M)
    c)Coding and Decoding problems 10Q(10M)
    d)Date,Time & Arrangement problem 10Q(10M)

    Section-B : Mathematical Ability: 75Q(75M)
    1)Arithmetic Ability :30Q(30M)
    2)Algebraical and Geometrical ability :30Q(30M)
    3)Statistical Ability5Q(15M)

    Section C-Communication Ability:50Q(50M)
    1)Vocabulary 10Q(10M)
    2)Business and computer Terminology 10Q(10M)
    3)Functional Grammar 15Q(15M)
    4)Reading Comprehension(3 passages)(15M)

    All the Best!!!!!!!!

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    spider man
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    Re: Can I do M.C.A after B.Sc (IT)?

    Hello friend

    you can do MCA course after completing b.sc(IT)

    Eligibility for MCA course :
    1. You must complete degree in BCA, B.Tech or any computers degree
    2. You must have atleast 60% marks in degree
    3. There is no age limit for MCA course
    4. There is no restriction about the number of times of appearing for the exam

    all the best

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    Re: Can I do M.C.A after B.Sc (IT)?

    Yes, you can do M.C.A after B.Sc (IT). In B.Sc (IT) these subjects are follows:
    1. Advanced C and Data Structure
    2. DBMS
    3. Computer Organization and Architecture (COA)
    4. System Analysis Design(SAD) and Software Engineering(SE)
    5. Programming with Visual Basic
    6. Operating System
    7. Object oriented Programming with C++
    8. RDBMS Using ORACLE.
    9. Computer Network Technology
    10. ASP.net
    11. Programming with C#.NET
    12. Advanced Java Programming
    These are related subjects which we have learned in B.Sc (IT) and easy to manage in MCA.

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