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    Can I do both CA and CS together?

    hello sir/mam
    can i do CA and CS together?

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    Re: Can I do both CA and CS together?

    Hi friends.....!

    Its not easy to do C.A and C.S.C courses together you must do lot of hard work in time but also you may having more burden to do both the courses together.

    Chartered Accountancy course is the course which is not consider as easy course.

    It could put burden on the student if the course is done along Company Secretary Course.

    Company Secretary Course is more focused on the legal aspects on the companies

    whereas Chartered Accountancy is more focused on the auditing and taxation.

    However Some portion of Chartered Accountancy Course is similar to Company Secretary Course

    but still doing both is advisable if the candidate is very hard working and above average.

    Both the courses conduct their examination in June and December.

    so good luck.....!and all the best for your bright future.

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    Re: Can I do both CA and CS together?

    [COLOR="rgb(46, 139, 87)"]Dear Friend,

    Sorry to say that you can't go for the CA and CS course together.

    CA have the following structure:

    CA CPT


    Article ship Training

    Final CA

    And each have toughest level.

    And it is not possible to do both course at the same time.

    So, do only one course at a time.

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!

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