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    Can I continue BE after 5 years gap?

    Discontinude B.E studies
    can i continue 5 years of gap

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    Re: Can I continue BE after 5 years gap?

    no you cannot continue it after a gap of 5 years....
    yeah some private colleges may say its possible but according to the rules of AICTE it is not possible....
    BE degree gets cancelled if it takes more than 7 years to complete the course....
    so even if you do it and get a certificate...it will be useless and wont provide you a job....

    best of luck

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    Re: Can I continue BE after 5 years gap?

    Hello there,
    No dear, I am sorry,but if you have this much long gap then B.E. will not be possible. Well nowadays one good thing is that there are quite a lot of colleges where you can get admitted just by virtue of your 12th standard marks. No other joint level marks are necessary. This does not mean that those colleges are not AICTE or UGC approved. But this is the newer India wide taken that today most AICTE or UGC or other approved bigger governing body affiliated colleges can take up students just by virtue of their 12th standard marks. If they do not have joint entrance scores then also it does not matter.
    But here comes another question. Does all these colleges approve 5 year gap. This will depend entirely on the college itself. If you have got good marks in your 12th standard, then some college might accept. But do not lean onto this expectation. The chances are around 10-15%. You can go into colleges in 2014 January time to get forms for the May-June session. If the college allows then you will not have that much of a problem. But as I said earlier too, the chances are a mere 10-15%. So think of that also.
    If you do not want to go for B.E. Then the best option will be distance BCA. You can do it under Ignou(log onto www.ignou.ac.in). You will get online BCA forms from their official website. The year gap will not matter there. Only thing matters is your 12th standard marks. This is a good technical degree that will not only give you your graduation degree but also give you a corporate level job possibility. All the Best.

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