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    Can a Biotech fresher get job in any of the pharma companies in Chennai? Being a Biotech graduate can I sustain in any other field except BPO? Can I get into IT field?

    Hi everyone...
    I have finished my post graduation in Biotechnology...however i couldn't secure a job in the field due to the lack of opportunities in Chennai as of now.... I'm in search of job other fields as well but couldn't get any and am in a state of constant frustration as you can understand....It would be great help if you could answer the following questions....
    1. do they select fresher in any of the biotech/pharma company in Chennai?
    2. being a biotech graduate is there any other field i could get into and shine except BPO?
    3. can ii get into the IT field ?
    4. are there any other career suggestions you could give me apart from the questions i have asked?
    Thanks in advance.

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