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    Can anyone suggest me on how to choose electives in M.E Communication systems?

    hi every one....
    can anyone let me suggest how to choose electives in ME COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS.... ,and which electives are good to be ......

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    Re: Can anyone suggest me on how to choose electives in M.E Communication systems?

    Elective papers entirely depend on whatever your forte is and whatever the institution has to provide for you. The institution sometimes has its own limitations. So, say for example you want to take network security as your elective subject. But the institution cannot provide you with the teacher. So even if the provision must be there or there is a university stipulated rule and syllabus to take certain subjects as elective ones and provide guidance for the students, the university does not actually do so. So what you need to is first see which ever subjects are provided by your institute to choose from and then you conclude your decision. Your next step after checking the subjects should be to decide on your ease and your forte. The other thing which you must keep in mind during all this is that this elective subject may help you in your project. This project may ultimately help you in your job.So quite obviously you will see that your job is indirectly proportional to the elective subject. So these are the things that you must keep in mind to choose your elective. Please do mention your institute next time so that I can brief on this topic more.

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    Re: Can anyone suggest me on how to choose electives in M.E Communication systems?

    Hello Friend !!

    M.E Communication Systems :

    The Selection of Elective must depend on :

    The Subject which is easy to understand and move with.

    The Subject which has more Weight-age in terms of marks.

    The Subject in which one can score max marks i.e cent percent marks.

    List of Electives you have :

    07CO21 RF Systems and Measurements
    07CO22 Digital Beam forming
    07CO23 Digital Communication Receivers
    07CO24 DSP Processor architecture and Programming
    07CO25 Wavelets and Multi-resolution Processing
    07CO26 Speech and Audio Signal Processing.
    07CO27 Network Routing Algorithms
    07CO28 Multimedia Compression Techniques
    07CO29 Communication Network Security
    07CO30 High Speed Switching Architecture
    07CO31 Mobile Computing
    07CO32 Adhoc Networks
    07CO33 Wireless LAN
    07CO34 Optical Signal Processing
    07CO35 Digital Image Processing
    07CO36 Internetworking Multimedia
    07CO37 Electromagnetic Interference aand Compatibility in System Design
    07CO38 High Performance Communication Networks
    07CO39 Embedded Systems
    07CO40 Wireless Security
    07CO41 Advanced Microprocessors and Micro Controllers
    07CO42 VLSI Design Techniques.

    You can select any of the Electives mentioned above, which makes you feel that you will get into it without any difficulty.

    Please use the code (which is on the left side of the Elective) to select and Specify the Elective.

    All the Best !!

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