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    Can anyone help in search of previous year question papers of ARS/NET in soil and water Conversation engineering?

    respected sir,
    i am in search of some previous question papers of ARS/NET in Soil and Water Conservation Engineering. Can you please help me by sending them to my email id shemeema88@gmail.com. Thanking you...

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    Re: Can anyone help in search of previous year question papers of ARS/NET in soil and water Conversation engineering?

    Hi dude,

    You can get into Biological engineering after your 12th.

    To get into engineering you need to Qualify the engineering entrance exam.

    Some of the engineering entrance exams are:-




    To apply for this exam :-

    You need to be below 24 years to apply for this exam.

    You can apply only 3 times for this exam.

    You should apply for three consecutive years if you want.

    The exam is conducted as objective type.

    Subjects include in this exam are PHYSICS,CHEMISTRY,MATHS.

    About Biological engineering:-

    Biological engineering brings engineering to life.

    Conceptualizing, designing, and developing systems for the application of engineering principles to biological systems while maintaining and improving the environment provide diverse opportunities for graduates of this curriculum.

    The biological engineering program places emphasis on basic science and engineering courses, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, mechanics, biology, materials, and thermodynamics, providing a solid foundation for application of engineering principles to biological systems.

    Undergraduates choose one area of concentration:- agricultural, biomedical, bioprocess, and environmental.

    Agricultural: this area offers career opportunities in power and machinery systems, farm structures and climate control.

    Biomedical: this area offers unique opportunities in medical equipment development and sales, pharmaceutical and biomedical companies, research labs, and hospitals.

    Bioprocess: this concentration includes not only food engineering but also post harvest handling and processing of crops before they reach the processing plant.

    Environmental: this area offers the unique preparation in rural and agricultural soil-water-environmental engineering (many of the principles apply to water management, soil management, and pollution control in urban areas as well).

    ALL THE BEST !!!

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