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    Bharati Vidyapeeth University Ph.D in Physical Education Entrance Exam

    Bharati Vidyapeeth University is one of the prominent Universities which offer many graduate, post graduate and doctoral programs. Candidates who want to join for PhD course in physical education should pass entrance examination conducted as part of this. Candidates who get a good score in this exam and clear the cut off will be given admission for PhD course in Bharati University.

    Structure and Pattern of Bharati Vidyapeeth University PhD in Physical Education Entrance Exam

    The structure of this exam consists of one main section which will be a Theory paper of 100 marks. This section will be of 3 hours.

    Syllabus of Bharati Vidyapeeth University PhD in Physical Education Entrance Exam is as follows –

    Research & Statistics in Physical Education
    • Descriptive & Inferential statistics
    • Hypothesis, Assumptions, Limitations & Delimitations
    • Meaning & Definition of Research, Need and Importance and its Scope
    • Methods of research (Historical, Qualitative, Descriptive & Experimental)
    • Population & Sample
    • Review of Related Literature
    • Significance of the Study
    • Tools and Techniques
    • Types of Research (Fundamental, Applied & Action)
    Bio Mechanics
    • Acceleration (Linear and Angular Uniform Motion)
    • Centrifugal and Centripetal forces
    • Distance and Displacement (linear and angular)
    • Fundamental skills- basic and /of sports
    • Levers, Inertia, Projectile, Elasticity
    • Movement Analysis (Walking, Pulling, Pushing, Throwing, Running, Lifting)
    • Newton’s laws of motion as applicable to linear and angular motion
    • Relationship of linear and angular motion
    • Speed and velocity (Linear and Angular)
    Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education
    • Anthropometrical Measurements
    • Classification of Tests- Standardized and teacher made test
    • Construction of tests, Economy of Testing, Test records, preparation of reports
    • Evaluation: meaning, nature, need, importance, principles and scope
    • Height Measurement
    • Measurement: Organic Functions, Motor Fitness, Health related physical fitness, Skills posture – Iowa posture test
    • Somatotypes
    • Test: Criteria of test selection, administrative feasibility and educational application
    Scientific Principles of Training
    • Overload - Causes and Symptoms-Tackling of overload
    • Principles of Training load
    • Sports Training
    • Training for developing motor
    • Training Load
    • Training techniques & tactics, training evaluation
    • Adaptation Process and condition of adaptation
    Psychology of Physical Education and Sports
    • Cognitive process
    • Motor learning
    • Personality
    • Sports psychology
    Professional Preparation and Curriculum Designs in Physical Education
    • Curriculum design
    • Postgraduate
    • Professional Association
    • Professional preparation
    • Role of the Central Government in Education Professional Preparation
    • Undergraduate preparation
    Sports and Exercise Physiology
    • Doping & Ergogenic Aids
    • Effect of exercise and training on various system, other physiological concepts
    • Environmental factors affect performance
    • Muscle activity
    • Muscle contraction
    • Nutrition & Supplements
    • Physiology and Exercise Physiology
    Sports Medicine and Yoga: Management and Rehabilitation
    • Common & Specific Sports Injuries Yoga
    • Low back problems and management stretching and strengthening exercises for Back
    • Management & Rehabilitation
    • Problems
    • Sports Medicine
    • Team Medical Care
    • Types of injuries
    Sports and Health Management
    • Communicable and non communicable diseases
    • Environmental sanitation
    • Food for children at primary, Middle and secondary level
    • Health management:
    • School Health Administration
    • Sports management
    Eligibility criteria of Bharati Vidyapeeth University PhD in Physical Education Entrance Exam

    A Post graduate degree is essential to apply for PhD course. Candidates who want to apply for Bharati Vidyapeeth University PhD in Physical Education Entrance Exam should complete post graduation in Physical Education with 55% marks. Those PG holders in Physical education who are currently working in national laboratories or research institutions can also attend this exam. They can attend this exam only if they get permission or else they are sponsored by the employer. Candidates before attending this exam should duly submit the No Objection certificate from the concerned employer.

    Contact address of Bharati Vidyapeeth University PhD in Physical Education Entrance Exam
    • Address –Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Vidyapeeth Bhavan, Dhanakwadi campus, Pune
    • PRO 020-24407106
    • Reception - 020-24407114
    • Registrar - 020-24407273
    • Email - admission@bvimit.co.in
    • Website – www.bvimit.co.in

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