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    Best polytechnic course in terms of future scope?

    hello sir
    which is the best corce with most demand in future for polytechnis
    I want to know which corce is most demandfull in future for polytechnic

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    Re: Best polytechnic course in terms of future scope?

    There are many best courses in the Polytechnic which are having many job opportunities the only thing is you have to decide in which field you are interested in and and on which course you want to opt

    Best Polytechnic courses

    --> Diploma in Computer Engineering

    --> Diploma in Garment Technology

    --> Diploma in Instrumentation and Control Engineering

    --> Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

    --> Diploma in Automobile Engineering

    --> Diploma in Information Technology

    *So after completing your polytechnic in your interested field you can do ENGINEERING so for this you have to write entrance examination

    *So if you qualify in the entrance exam and if you get good rank then you will get admission in good engineering college

    *You can directly join in the second year of engineering

    Job opportunities

    *If you opt for computers science or electronics and communication there are having many job opportunities when compared to other courses

    *You will have good career scope in computers and electronics you will have many job opportunities in field of software organizations and other government sectors

    Jobs in Software organization






    -->SYNTEL etc

    Jobs in government sectors





    -->BSNL etc

    good luck

    All the best.

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    Re: Best polytechnic course in terms of future scope?

    hello friend
    let me tell you in detail that their are so many good branches in the polytechnic so my friend you can chose one of them now their are so many branches like mechanical , electrical , civil and computer branch which you can be chose but my suggestion is to you is that you have to chose the core branches like mechanical , electrical and civil branch because in these branch the are lots of job opportunities in the government as well as in the private sector also.
    thanking you hopes you like my suggestion.

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