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    Which is the best option between B.Sc (Maths) and B.Sc (Chemistry) in terms of job opportunities?

    I want to ask that i m in f.y b.sc sem 1. I m intrested in maths. But my elders and friends told me that chemistry is good. There are many scope of job in companies and as a teacher. So i want to know that which subject is good chemistry or maths?

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    Re: Which is the best option between B.Sc (Maths) and B.Sc (Chemistry) in terms of job opportunities?

    hai friend,
    now-a-days chemistry is the booming subject.if you do msc maths it will have a job oppurtunity only in teaching field.if you choose chemistry you have varying oppurtunities in pharmaceutical companies,in labs,as a teacher,as a analyst in govt sector and somany are their

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    Re: Which is the best option between B.Sc (Maths) and B.Sc (Chemistry) in terms of job opportunities?

    Both the streams offer good scope. You should select the subject that you are interested in. Since you have interest in Maths certainly you must take up that specialisation. You can become a teacher in the school level if you complete B.Ed after graduation. If you can to become a college lecturer then complete M.Sc and then clear the NET exam. Other than teaching you will also find opportunities in the banks and financial institutions. If you take up specialisation in actuarial science or statistics there is huge scope in insurance other investment banking firms.

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    Re: Which is the best option between B.Sc (Maths) and B.Sc (Chemistry) in terms of job opportunities?

    I think BSc in chemistry has more scope as compared to BSc in maths.most of the jobs after BSc in maths are in teaching field but in BSc chemistry you can get job in chemicals industries also.if you will learn industrial chemistry or organic chemistry well then you will get good jobs by these two subjects.chemistry deals with almost all the industries such as characteristics of materials,their casting process,bonding between molecules of particular materials.here are some chemicals industries where you can get job-

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    promact plastics ltd

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    Bharat immunologist and biologist

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    Re: Which is the best option between B.Sc (Maths) and B.Sc (Chemistry) in terms of job opportunities?

    Both chemistry or maths are good in there own way , it is just that you need to do M.Sc in Maths /Chemistry

    for better career prospectus otherwise you won't have that much good scope in both the cases.

    There is lot of scope in Chemistry honors but Maths has equal scope also.

    If you want to do Maths honors than you should choose the Maths honors subjects instead of doing Chemistry.

    You can become Maths teacher or lecturer even after doing Maths honors.

    It is also said that maths teacher is never out of demand.

    There is always a demand for Maths Teacher in Schools and Colleges.

    There are also other option available for Maths students as they can do Master in Computer Application and can earn well.

    You can also fill up various Govt Examination for jobs like BANKING ,INSURANCE ,


    (you will be eligible for this examination only if you have done MA/M.SC in MATHS/statistics/economics and this examination is equivalent to IAS/IPS examination)

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    Re: Which is the best option between B.Sc (Maths) and B.Sc (Chemistry) in terms of job opportunities?

    There is nothing such ,whatever you want to study you should select that subjects only .
    There are lots of scope in each and every fields.
    However whatever the streams you will select you will able to get jobs in various government sectors.
    In my opinion it will be better for you to go for B.sc in mathematics.
    There is lots of vacancies comes out required B.sc in mathematics and a maths students has special previlage.
    If you do B.sc in chemistry then you will have to join medical line and there are less vacancies in this field.
    However after doing chemistry honors you can go for graduation in forensic lab.
    But after completing B.sc in Mathematics you can go for various engineering lines and you will also able to get jobs in companies like ISRO.

    But the common thing is that there will be various government sectors in which you can apply whatever the honors papers you have.
    These jobs are:-
    >>SSC UDC
    >>IBPS NABARD etc.

    For getting details on various government jobs please visit www.sarkarinaukriblog.com

    There arevarious other courses you can do after completing B.sc in mathematics.
    These are:-


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    Re: Which is the best option between B.Sc (Maths) and B.Sc (Chemistry) in terms of job opportunities?

    Dear friend, Your choice is best. B.Sc in mathematics have better choice in comparison to any other subject. You can go in teaching field even with Mathematics subject. Mathematics is the best and interesting subject. Chemistry is very tough subject. Even after B.Sc in Chemistry you can't get good job. For getting good job, you have to do M.Sc in Chemistry. But after B.Sc in Mathematics you can get good job. Mathematics is the first choice of every aspirant. So, mathematics is the best choice for you in B.Sc. Also you have interest in Mathematics, So it is better for you to choose mathematics subject in B.Sc.

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