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    Best domain for ECE student to do final year project.

    iam studying b.tech final year.I belongs to ECE.so please suggest me which is the best domain to do the project

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    Hello friend, you can do,

    Dsp Based Projects on,

    ADSP2105 Based development system

    Voice compression using ADSP2105

    3D image generation using ADSP2105

    Digital Filter implementation

    Digital Function Generator with PC interface

    Digital Control system for level process:

    PC based ECG monitoring system

    PC to PC Wireless Communication

    Controlling of home appliance using PC printer port

    Displacement Measurement using LVDT

    Embedded System Design

    PC programmable Industrial PLC System usingAT89C51Microcontroller

    Digital PID Controller using AT89C52 Microcontroller

    Temperature scanner and data logger using Microcontroller

    Datalogger with voice & tiny motor control

    Programmer for ATMEL Microcontrollers with PC Serial Interface

    Development system for 51 family Microcontroller

    Electronic Screw gauge using LVDT

    Automatic water level controller

    Temperature measurement and control using PID algorith

    Temperature measurement and ON/OFF control with voice enunciation

    Speed measurement and control of Universal motor (PID algorithm)

    Digital weighing machine

    Efficiency Detector for Relay and Circuit breaker
    IR Remote control for electrical home appliances

    PC to Printer (RF) Wireless Communication

    Intelligent Fire Fighting system

    Interactive Voice Response system

    Burglar Alarm with telephone Line Interface

    Remote controlling of home appliance thru telephone line

    Wireless data Modem (PC to Microcontroller Interface)

    Wireless Automated Guided Vehicle

    RF access system

    Micro controller based Frequency meter

    Micro controller based Object counter

    Wireless Datalogger

    Wireless (RF) PID control system for Temperature Process

    Wireless (RF) PID control system for speed control of motor

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    Re: Best domain for ECE student to do final year project.

    i need some final year titles in image processing

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