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    Which is the best course option after +2(Commerce) with 80%?

    i have 80% soure my +2 in commerce after the study which course better

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    Apr 2012

    Re: Which is the best course option after +2(Commerce) with 80%?

    After 10+2 with commerce there are many career opportunities,you can do B.com and then CA or CS or ICWA..if you are good with accounts you can go with these..if you are inclined for management jobs you can do MBA after B.com or BBA..
    After completing Commerce Course in +2, so many future prospects are there, such as CA, CS courses, Law, Banking, Hotel Management, HR Courses etc. to do. You can make carrier by above mention courses. Therefore, there is a bright future in commerce field.After +2 in commerce,you can go for these best options:-
    6.Hotel management

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    Re: Which is the best course option after +2(Commerce) with 80%?

    these are the best best course option after +2(Commerce):: B.Com, BBA, BMS, BBM, CFA, CA, ICWA, CFP, etc

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    sagar R.
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    Re: Which is the best course option after +2(Commerce) with 80%?

    Congrates.you secure now a very nice percentage.80% is so nice percentage.
    There are many career option after completion of 12th commerce.But in which you have to go is depends on your interest
    Field availbale for you after 12th commerce are:
    ICWA etc.

    All the field are good and can make career if you study in that with great pay attention.and can earn high salary if you have knowledge,interest,talent and skill.

    The B.Com programme pro*vides a good base for a range of careers. These are broadly of two types — those related to business and finance such as chartered accountancy, company secretaryship, and cost and works accountancy (CWA), banking and so on, and the non-finance fields such as law, civil services, mass communication, hotel management and so on.

    BBA is the bachelor in business administration.there are many speciallization in BBA in which you can go and make a career according to your interest.
    If are preferred for positions like HR and also Finance. With experience they will be able to grow to higher heights. It is important that you have to pursue a career in an area where they believe their interest lies.

    BBM is the bachelor in business management.It is very similar course like BBA,but having less scope than BBA now a time.In future there is a good demand of BBM course also.

    BCA is Bachelor of Computer Application.IT is booking in India. There are many national IT companies like Infosys, Wipro, Reliance, TCS, etc. which are looking for the qualified BCA students. Apart from this, there are many international companies like Vodafone, AT&T, etc. who are also stepping forward to take these BCA students

    Chartered Accountancy Course is a professional course in the field of Accounting. It is about financial management, taxation and accounting. The scope of a CA is very wide. He can either pursue private practice or join an organisation’s financial accounting department or serve in taxation departments. He can also work in fields of Finance, Corporate finance, Management consultancy, Tax Compliance, Change management. Chartered accountants mostly deal with studies like market research, budget planning, planning of policies; management of working capital of an organisation, etc.

    The Company Secretary (CS) is a professional course which is conducted by The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI).A Company Secretary can find employment in government accounts or law departments or he can become a Managing Director or Chairman of a Company and be a part of the Board of Directors of a Company. The role of a Company Secretary is that of an advisor for legal matters. If a company goes public, then the management of the public issue falls under the ambit of a Company Secretary. All legalities involved with inter-corporate investments and loans are looked after by a Company Secretary.

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    Re: Which is the best course option after +2(Commerce) with 80%?

    there are number options for you
    ca(if you have taken maths +comm
    go for mangement
    remember go for good colleges

    gud luck

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    Re: Which is the best course option after +2(Commerce) with 80%?

    commerce line is the best line and wide scope in this field. you also got a good carrier in this field. you can go in CA. CA is the est and top 1 list course in this field and 2nd is ICWA .you can go in these field and creat your bright future.

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    Re: Which is the best course option after +2(Commerce) with 80%?

    A commerce student, to make successful careers in commerce, should study subjects like Accountancy, Economics, Book-keeping, Business Mathematics, etc.

    1. As you know the most challenging and most sought after career in commerce today is Chartered Accountancy, which is headed by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
    One has to be a +2 pass-out in Commerce stream of study and have to register with the institute for the foundation programme.
    and then later on getting through the levels, the intermediate level and then final level, completes one's course.
    you can also do this course after your graduation.

    2. Another very similar course for commerce students is Company Secretaries.
    It can also be pursued after one's +2.
    Similarly consists of stages, which bear various modules and subjects:
    Foundation Course,
    Executive Course,
    Professional Course
    Even final year students and Master degree students can also apply (exception: Arts graduates)

    3. Cost and Management Accountant-
    The Institute of cost & Works Accountants of India (ICWAI) provides the course for the same.
    A +2 student can go for the course.
    The course gain has foundation, intermediate and final levels to be cleared.

    4. Finance Manager/ Analyst
    5. Stock Broker
    6. Investment Analyst

    Apart from the above mentioned courses, one can go for the conventional B.Com course with required specialization like B.Com in computers, advertisement, etc.

    All the best!!!

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    Re: Which is the best course option after +2(Commerce) with 80%?

    dear you have to gear up your mind to decide over your career, a complete plan about your future needs to be drawn at this juncture which will in turn determine the course of your professional life ,
    stiff competitions may confuse you ,to weed out the thorns of confusion you need to analyze your
    • interest ,
    • hobby,
    • inclination,
    • potentiality and opportunity.
    give priority to your potential and interest, as darwin said "survival of the fittest"
    do not choose your career under the influence of friends or parents.
    choose your career on the basis o following aspects keeping in mind
    area of interest,
    assess your strength and weakness,
    possibility and opportunities.
    nature of work.
    financial aid and scholarship.

    you have to pay heed to specialized education rather than simple and theoretical .
    various career options;
    career in management,
    business management is today one of the most sought-after career.in this you will be provided lot of opportunity in the form of good remuneration,status and scope of professional and personnel growth.
    you have bachelors degree program like
    • bbm,
    • BBA, and masters degree programme like MBA.
    • areas of work
    • personnel management,
    • finance,
    • production and operation,
    • sales and marketing,
    • management information systems,
    career in computers and IT
    i you have less percentage in your 12th than nothing to be worried lot of options are available for the career .
    without computer , the globalization would not have come into existence because it is one of the most important tools of globalization.
    several professionals as well as undergraduate and post graduate courses ate available in the
    • computers and IT.
    • hardware and networking,
    • PHP development,
    • system administration,
    • internet security,
    • ethical hacking,
    • IT,
    • BCA,
    • MCA,
    for the computer courses above you can join directly after your 12th , no need to give any entrance exams.
    career in commerce
    you can go for the commerce side like ,
    • b.com,
    • BA,
    • ARTS,
    • CA.ETC..
    among all these courses CA haves high demand in the future .this course is very good course compare to all for commerce back ground.
    you need to write
    CPT entrance test for pursuing this course.
    distance education
    if you want to be strong in your professional skills and good career than you can also go for the foreign to make your future bright.
    vocational courses
    the changing of face of technology has increased the demand of specialization in education, vocational education(VET) institutes will impart specialized and practical knowledge to you.
    vocational education training institutes impart graduation and post graduation courses to pursue.
    better to go for the CA as you have 80% of marks
    • stage1:-CPT (common proficiency test)
    • stage2:-IPCC(integrated professional competence course)
    • stage3:-articleship and final course
    mainly you have to cross the CPT exam,
    this entry level exam is much more important to you ,
    this objective type paper which carries 200 multiple choice questions.
    fundamentals of accounting,:- this carries 60 marks
    merchant laws :-this carries 40 marks , you have to attempt in two hours
    general economics:-50 marks
    quantitative aptitude:- 50 marks , you have to attempt this two in two hours.
    so dear make your bright and think which career you want to pursue.
    all the best

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    lakshmi M
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    Aug 2011

    Re: Which is the best course option after +2(Commerce) with 80%?

    Hello dude...

    If you are completed your 12th then there will be number of career options for you.

    After completion of your 12th commerce you can go for following fields namely...

    • Charted Accountancy
    • Company secretary
    • ICWAI
    • CLAT
    • B.Com
    • B.A
    • BBA
    • BCA....

    Choose one of the best field....

    Good lk........

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    Re: Which is the best course option after +2(Commerce) with 80%?

    after 12th passing with good marks and percentage
    you can do thise all courese

    Charted Accountancy
    Company secretary
    management etccccc

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    Re: Which is the best course option after +2(Commerce) with 80%?

    if you are good with accounts you can go with these.if you are inclined for management jobs you can do MBA after B.com or BBA.there is a bright future in commerce field.After +2 in commerce,Folloeing are the some of the major courses which you can opt for your graduation:-

    1 CA

    2 CS

    3 B.com

    4 BBA

    5 BBM

    6 BCA

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    Ankit tiwari
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    May 2011

    Thumbs up Re: Which is the best course option after +2(Commerce) with 80%?

    Congrats on your good percentage, as you scored such good marks in 12th so you are going to have a good future.Here I am providing you the list of commerce courses.But before choosing any course analyze your interest and aims.



    You must pursue any course but it must be of your interest otherwise you will be less benefited.You must utilize of your good marks, you can get scholarships during admission.
    Good luck.

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