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    Best course between .NET and CCNA? I completed BCA

    Helo sir/madam, i hav completed my BCA n now im looking for a job, but it takes some time because my certificates are not yet out of university..so mean while im prefering to do some courses..so i have two courses in my mind..n im getting difficulty to select one of those..they are .NET and CCNA...so would you help me with this situation..


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    Re: Best course between .NET and CCNA? I completed BCA

    Here are some Points about CCNA And .Net Courses
    1. CCNA :- CCNA Stands for Cisco Certifies Network Administrator.

    * It is a course of 45 days to 60 days .
    * It is a networking course .
    * you can get CCNA certificate to be a cisco certied by giving paper of CCNA worth Rs. 12,000
    * Networking is most logical Field . You must have fast Dicision Making Capability to Do CCNA
    * It has Large Scope Even More than any other field also as compared to programming

    .NET :-

    * It is generally a Framework Developed by Microsoft Corporation to Develop Develop Application softwares
    * It is a platform That supports multiple Languages :- It supports

    ------ J#
    ---------VB { visual Basic }

    * It is most demanding Platform today for developed Desktop and Web application

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    Re: Best course between .NET and CCNA? I completed BCA

    if you are in third year and good at programmming go for . NET and not good at programming take up CCNA.

    From job point of view, CCNA cant help you, because i had completed CCNA during my second year end. But it wont help me any much. But since i'm interested in Networking, i dont bother about it. Studying CCNA is not a bad thing, but also side by side.

    you can see payscale of .NET At


    you can see payscale of Network Engineers at :-

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    Re: Best course between .NET and CCNA? I completed BCA


    You should complete your BCA that's great

    that's the think your career line is .Net is very best course are it

    Because this more important in your career line

    So you can choose this one so you want many job available in you said

    Then your career is best after complete your BCA and then .NET so it ways

    That's it


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    Re: Best course between .NET and CCNA? I completed BCA

    Dear Friend,

    If you have done the BCA

    then join the Software related courses.

    Then .Net course will be good for you...

    Better go for the .Net course.

    Thank You!!!!

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