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    Best course between M.Sc (Chemistry) and MBA?

    what will be better either m.sc in chemistry or mba
    but I does'nt like teaching section
    i opted geology,geography ,chemistry in b.sc (hons.) and I think i will make carreer in geolog &study it as honours subject ,due to less merit,I get chemistry as hons. subject . it is difficult for me in understanding
    what to do.....
    pls help me......!

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    Re: Best course between M.Sc (Chemistry) and MBA?

    hello friend
    let me tell you in detail that as you are said previously that it is difficult to continue in the M sc in chemistry because you think that it is very hard for you and you are unable to understand it so my suggestion is to you that take admission in the MBA course if you want to take a job opportunities after finish you post graduation then MBA is much better option then any other because when you will take admission in the MBA course then first of all the subjects which you have to read are totally different as compare to your pervious studies and easy also so maybe you like all these subjects.
    all the best.

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