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    Which is the best IT course between Java and .NET?

    Which is the best IT course between Java and .NET?

    thank you..

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    Re: Which is the best IT course between Java and .NET?

    Java,because java is very essential programme in it section.

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    Re: Which is the best IT course between Java and .NET?

    Dear Friend,

    Both the I.T course Java and .NET are good because now a days...this application were used every where maximum..but as per job trends..i can suggest u to go for .NET course..as there was many I.T job vaccancies are avaliable and their mostly preference given to .NET ..so go for this as it having great futur ahead.

    all the best....!!!!

    Thank you,

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    Re: Which is the best IT course between Java and .NET?

    dear friend best IT course between JAVA and .NET is java.......(according to me)

    java programming language is used for many applications,by all major companies..............

    where as .NET is used by windows,.....by lesser companies....

    as today's world is full of applications java course is best suited..................

    *final decision depends on you*

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    Re: Which is the best IT course between Java and .NET?

    Dear Friend,

    In IT field all field have a wider scope.

    But the functionality would get differ.

    first know about .NET.

    when you use .net you will get all control ready made.

    you can also create many functionality.

    You can also create the many dynamic websites and gain all components.

    but one limitation .NET is it's execution is so slow.

    And Know about java ...

    you will use java you will have to write code .

    coding is more required than readymade control.

    but one of the most advantages of using java is it is so faster.

    you can also use website component like jsp.

    it's execution speed is so fast....

    Thank You.....

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    Re: Which is the best IT course between Java and .NET?

    Both Java and .NET are the demanding trends in today s market.
    But java is core subject of courses related to computer science.Java is developing and it will continue developing in future also.
    There will be lots of scope if you will command yourself in Java.

    Though .NET will help you in today s market to get jobs easily ,but it will only for today s only.
    It will not provide you job security in your future.

    As .NET provide GUI mode to develop all the contents of software.But in today s market the payment for .NET Employer does not get above payment then Rs 20000 per month.

    If you will get Master in Java then you can easily command over it and in IT companies you will easily able to get jobs by starting salary of Rs 25000 to Rs 30000 per month.

    Java also provides a GUI tool that allows you to develop GUI based software .
    This is NETBEANS.

    However if you know the working on the Rational Rose software then it will more easy to you to develop software.

    Most of the coding structure are done by this software only by designing the overall structure of the software.

    You have only to write the connectivity and sharing portion.

    If you want to download the net-beans software then you must visit www.oracle.com

    The companies in which you will able to get jobs after completing java are:-


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    Lightbulb Re: Which is the best IT course between Java and .NET?

    Hello Folks,

    >> Both are very good courses, but in industry Java is leading the programming languages technologies than any other. second place goes to .net only

    >> But due to some reasons .net is not recommended to use for large scale applications like banking domain applications. So in industry Java is having more vacancies over .net

    >> By considering some facts like number vacancies, Java is open source technology, Java deals with middle and large scale apps, I can say Java is more popular than .net

    >> .net is also having some advantages like code development time is very less, easy to learn and it best suits for small scale applications. By considering these facts .net is also good

    >> Conclusion is choosing between Java take more time to learn and has more demand in market. .Net is easy to learn compare to Java and it 2nd best language in IT market.Based on your interest and capabilities choose either Java or .Net

    All the best

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    Re: Which is the best IT course between Java and .NET?

    well you can not aside the importance of any particular language,in today's world java and .net both has demand
    java was always important but .net is now a days used for creating web pages,which is so important and very demanding,dynamic web pages are created by the help of both .net and java
    you will have to learn both the languages by heart,it is very important and will increase your demand in the market
    so you must go for both the languages and try to learn them properly,along with them the use of programming languages like php,oracle are also very important.

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