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    Which is the best career among IAS, Astronomy and Software engineer?

    I have three career in my mind.
    please suggest which is best

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    pabolu manikanta
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    Re: Which is the best career among IAS, Astronomy and Software engineer?

    Hi Friend....

    Dude you had very good career prospects and all the three have their own career importance and you can take up any of the course which you like the most and the one which is mos honorable most demand full career where you can get high prospects is the IAS which is of the Indian Administrative Services.
    This IAS needs tough preparation and high concentration for study and work for getting in to these IAS services...

    Do one thing in my opinion as you had interest in the software jobs also so take up the engineering in the computers or the IT sectors and by side prepare for the IAS services first concentrate more on the IAS services by taking the coaching for these IAS services and then take the coaching for the 4 years long along your graduation and concentrate more and also study well your graduation course..

    Generally the IAS examinations are eligible for any of the under graduates or the bachelor degree candidates in any of the discipline of study,candidates can take up any of the course of study in their under graduate degree course of study.so dude take up the engineering in CS or IT and take up the coaching for IAS and then appear for IAS after getting prepared then you can clear the IAS examination then you can get in to civi services other wise you can get in to the software field...

    The IAS comes under the civil services recruitments which are of the Indian civil services and there are two main civil services in India and they are of
    these are the two selections which are conducted for the recruitment of civil services recruitments...


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    Re: Which is the best career among IAS, Astronomy and Software engineer?

    The best career among IAS, Astronomy and Software engineer is IAS.

    There is no doubt in this every one because the IAS post will be very prestigious posts and can get even salary.

    But getting a IAS job is very hard and it includes much preparation.Only with a proper preparation you can get an IAS post.

    Selection procedure for CIVILS(IAS) exam:

    1) Preliminary :

    Preliminary exam is of objective type which covers almost all the subjects .So, better to prepare the NCERT textbooks from class 6 to 12th of all subjects.

    2)Mains Exam :
    If candidate qualify the preliminary then you will be eligible for the mains exam.This will be descriptive exam.

    3)Personal Interview:

    If the candidates successfully completes Preliminary and Mains then he is allowed for the Personal Interview.

    If you pass through all the sections and if you be in the first position then you will be seen as an IAS.

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    garima arya

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    hello Dear !
    since every domain (IAS, astronomy,software engineer)has its own importance . It all depends on your personal skills talent and interest, there is no point of comparision among these three.

    from your question I can make out that you are confused among these three domains , am I right????????????????
    well no problem at all if it is so.

    you can do your graduation in CS or IT .During your graduation you can prepare for IAS as well as for the exams that lead your path towards NASA and ISRO.Like this you can achieve any of yours target ! so just go for it and good luck for your future!

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    Venkat fias
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    Re: Which is the best career among IAS, Astronomy and Software engineer?

    Hi friend.
    you will choose an IAS, because future you are an district collector posting.
    This exam conducted by UPSC Exams.
    UPSC --- Union Public Service Commission.
    Requirements :
    Candidate complete any one degree on Recognized university.
    candidates must be on Indian citizen.
    age between on 21-----30 years.

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    Re: Which is the best career among IAS, Astronomy and Software engineer?

    Hi ,

    When compared to the 3 options IAS will be the Best one and the Toughest one.

    Software Engineering is Good but when there are no Project in the market then you will facing problems.

    IAS will be the Good career to choose.

    IAs stands for Indian Administrative Service.

    To apply for IAS :-

    You need to have completed your Graduation.

    Your age need to be between 21-30 years.

    To become IAS Officer you need to apply for Civil Service exam.

    Civil service exam are conducted by APPSC.

    Career will be very bright but you need to struggle a lot to get in to it.

    Preparation should be done perfectly.

    I suggest you to go to Coaching at Top Coaching Centers.

    All the best !!!

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