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    Which is best between MCA and MBA after completing B.C.A?

    hello sir/madam
    i am gradute for bca after best for mca ya mba

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    Re: Which is best between MCA and MBA after completing B.C.A?

    MBA and MCA both represent two different domain of career. One is management and the other one is technical. In India students are more and more getting interested for doing MBA just after completing there graduation in tech field. Reason is simple companies are looking for students those can work in both domain when ever needed. This reduces there cost of HR. Which gives benifit to the companies.
    Now in your case, if you lost interest in computers or you need a job right now it will be better to opt for MBA. Or else you can give some time then first do your MCA then go for MBA.
    In both way salary will not be a problem.

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    Re: Which is best between MCA and MBA after completing B.C.A?

    Is there a better way to prepare for k.a.s exams in between the m.c.a course

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    Re: Which is best between MCA and MBA after completing B.C.A?

    Hello dear friend,

    MBA is the best option than MCA course after completing your graduation in BCA because in MCA you can not find number of opportunities because you people having the threat from Engineering candidates.so you will be less preferred for software companies, Engineering candidates will be first preferred than you.To apply for MBA course you must qualify in following entrance tests;


    To apply for all the above entrance tests, you must satisfy following eligibility criteria;

    1.You must be completed graduation from recognized university with 50% of marks with any stream.
    2.If you are belonging to SC and ST candidates, then 45% of marks are enough.
    3.There is no age limit

    There are number of branches are available in MBA, They are;

    -IT Management
    -Systems management
    -Banking and Finance
    -International Business
    -Supply chain management
    -Global Logistics
    -Human resource management
    -Pharmaceutical management
    -Operations management
    -Marketing and management
    -Retail Management
    -Telecom management
    -Entertain Management
    -Sports Management

    Top Business schools in India;

    1.Indian institute of management-Ahmadabad
    2.Indian institute of management-Luck now
    3.Indian institute of management-Kolkata
    4.Indian institute of management-Bangalore
    5.Indian school of Business-Hyderabad
    7.Faculty management studies
    8.Indian institute of management-Ghaziabad
    9.SP Jain institute of management
    10.Indian institute of management-Indore

    Sreeram B

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    Re: Which is best between MCA and MBA after completing B.C.A?

    Hello friend,

    MBA would be the better choice than MCA as MBA gives you the opportunities to learn management and it opens you more opportunities than MCA.

    And also you should know that MCA is 3 years course and MBA is only 2 years

    If you want to retain in IT industry you have got specialization in MBA as IT or computers.So that you can continue your career in IT industry only.

    Along with the IT specializations,You have many other specializations too

    1.Sales and Marketing
    4.Operations MAnagement
    5.Systems MAnagement
    9.International Business

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!

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    Re: Which is best between MCA and MBA after completing B.C.A?

    Hi dude,

    Having a hope to have a bright or a good future by doing graduation is not so easy.

    So by doing MBA after your graduation means its a hope to have good future .

    MBA stands for Master of Business Administration.

    By doing MBA you can have a hope of getting nice job.

    For appearing for MBA exam you need to have Graduation with an aggregate of 50%.

    Some of the MBA entrance exams are:-









    By appearing for this exams and getting good score you can get addmission in top MBA school`s.

    They are many Fields in MBA such as:-

    MBA in Marketing

    MBA in Finance

    MBA in Pharma

    MBA in Logistics

    MBA in Public relations

    MBA in accounting

    MBA in agriculture

    MBA in media

    MBA in Aviation

    MBA in health care

    MBA in hotel management

    MBA in Hospital management.

    MBA has wide scope in the present job market.

    So if you are hoping for a bright future then MBA is correct.

    ALL THE BEST !!!!

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    Re: Which is best between MCA and MBA after completing B.C.A?

    You have mentioned two courses that are MBA(Management of business administration) and MCA(Masters of computer
    applications) and you are required to choose from among these two courses.Actually both the courses have their own
    importance and there are huge number of opportunities available in both the fields.They can be discussed as follows:
    1)MCA(Masters of computer applications)-
    This is a course which would further enhance your knowledge of computer applications.Generally students who
    pursue their graduation in computer applications prefer this course as after completing this course students generally get
    a very good pay package.

    You can also choose this course if you want to make a career in the field of management and administration.But after
    completing the course, you would have two options -either to choose a job related to the field of computer applications or
    management.So, you would have two options which can prove beneficial for you.
    Now, you can judge that which course is better for you depending on your interests.

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