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    Is BCA a good option or not?

    bca is best option or not in future?????????

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    Re: Is BCA a good option or not?

    Yes dear,
    It is really a very good option. After BCA or Bachelor's of Computer Application, you will be able to make it to the corporate industry. Just one thing I will tell you here and that is not only passing in BCA degree will help. That means you will also have to be good.
    See today a lot of guys are doing BCA. So to be prominent in front of the corporate people and to have advantage over the others to get selected, initially what you have is your marks. If you do not score more than 60% then companies like CTS, IBM, Accenture,
    CapGemini and many more will not even let you sit for their aptitude test, forget about the next rounds of interview. Infosys can even raise the bar to a 65% and more. So in short the more marks you get, the better it becomes for you to crack it into the company.
    Now the second thing after being able to fill up the application for your candidature in a certain company is, the Aptitude Test. This will check for your mathematical knowledge, logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, quantitative aptitude, English grammar and vocabulary and things like this. There will be objective type questions and most company do not have any negative marking on them. So you can do your guesswork.
    Last round, that is, only if you clear your aptitude tests, then you get to sit for the interview. Well the interview will only check your subject domain knowledge. Some companies might even look for your English speaking abilities and your confidence in speaking and thus test you through group discussions. Anyhow, only on clearing these rounds of interviews, you will get selected for the job. Once you join your starting salary can be around Rs. 12,000-Rs.18,000 per month(depending on the company you join). This salary can grow upto few lacs of rupees per month. So All the Best and most definitely go for a BCA. If possible later along with your job complete a parallel MCA degree too, for more salary.

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    Re: Is BCA a good option or not?

    BCA stands for Bachlor of Computer Application.
    Only having BCA degree is not sufficiant to get good job in this field.
    It is just the begining of a career.
    After completing BCA it is must to go for further studies like MCA stands for Master of Computer Aplication.
    After comleting this course one can get good job in the market.

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    Re: Is BCA a good option or not?

    You should always choose your career based on your abilities and interests.

    If you are good at programming and can perform well in this field then you can surely choose to do BCA.

    But, you will not get any good job only after BCA that mean doing only BCA is not enough to sustain in the competitive industry environment.

    You will have to complete your MCA also after BCA to get the desired jobs in this field.

    After knowing these things, decide about your field of study.

    Carefully think about your strengths and abilities and all available options to you then only make your decision.

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