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    In bank exams, how to get prepared for english antonyms & synonyms?

    banking exam
    Hi Friends,

    Just i wud like to know about antonym, synonym problem short cuts...

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    Re: In bank exams, how to get prepared for english antonyms & synonyms?

    My friend , English is that kind of subject which needs continuous preparation .
    For the preparation of the antonym & synonym , you should read the daily english news paper and mark out the words which you don't know and know its meaning along with synonyms and antonyms .
    You always kept dictionary with you and any terms you don't know , see its meaning and synonyms , antonyms in the dictionary .
    You have to do this activity daily .
    You have to know atleast five new words everyday with its synonyms & antonyms .

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    jeevan vintha
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    Re: In bank exams, how to get prepared for english antonyms & synonyms?

    Books for the preparation of English section:
    1. English Grammar english.jpg

    2. Prepare online from www.indiabix.com

    IBPS conducts exam twice in a year for each PO and Clerk individually.

    *ibps conduct three exam po , clerk and SO twice in year this year po exam held on 17 june and for english u use ENGLISH AND COMPREHENSION PC WREN AND MARTIN GRAMMAR BOOKS, MODEL PAPERS FROM KIRAN PUBLICATION.

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    Re: In bank exams, how to get prepared for english antonyms & synonyms?

    dear friend

    ----for better preparation of antonyms and synonyms , you need

    1.better memorization power

    2.recalling the words at the interval of 7 days

    3.you must follow the following books

    ----- English synonyms and antonyms; by James Champlin Fernald

    -----The Merriam-Webster Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms by Merriam-Webster Inc.

    ----Scholastic Dictionary of Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homonyms by Scholastic Inc. and Scholastic

    note: try to use the words which you have learnt in sentences for better learning skills.

    all the best for your preparation .


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    Rahul kuntala
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    Re: In bank exams, how to get prepared for english antonyms & synonyms?


    Questions are asked mainly from the following categories.
    Subject Verb Agreement
    Error Correction
    Sentence Rearrangement
    Fill in the Blanks with Modals, Articles etc
    Answering questions based on Unseen Passages

    Revise often:

    Manage your time table in a way that you take 10 minutes break in each hour of revision. If you find problem in recalling a topic that is of utmost importance, switch to the method of writing and learning. Follow these steps- Look, Say, Cover, Write, and Check as it makes the learning much more effective.

    Try solving at least 5 question papers as it will help you find any difficult areas in the test papers that you have covered and need revision.

    Follow different method for different topics: Revise your notes in the order of importance and difficulty level. There is no point of reading and re-reading the entire book as it will only increase your stress levels. Just scan through the important points, headings, examples, and charts.

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    Arrow Re: In bank exams, how to get prepared for english antonyms & synonyms?


    dear its quite generally faced problem by the people like you who feels it is difficult to read english.....
    as english play a major role in the Bank entrance exams you need to concentrate even on this.....
    you must well concentrate for english Antonyms and synonyms......For this you must go through all the English grammar books like Step by Step,Strengthen Steps,Martin English text book etc.......go through the synonym column by reading the passage try to identify the synonyms by urself and then go for the antonym by yourself.....or else go through the websites like cambridge university...etc.Better dear just read the passage try to identify the difficult words and just underline them.......now search the words ij Dictionary read the meaning of the word particularly and then think what will be the opposite of it....for example...

    take a word of simplicity which is being noun
    Its synonymn will be being simple '
    now just try for its opposite that is being opposite to simple so we get odd,non simple,heavy etc.

    so dear only practice makes you to be perfect in this sense...so just go on the Times of India,Deccan chronuicle go on reading thenewspaper try to underline which ever the words you didnt understand read it particularly serch for the meaning and try to analyse its opposits.thereafter the process become simple to you hope you understand..And there were some boks which really help you in this mannwer.they were mentioned below as follows:

    Step by step
    Strengthen steps
    Martin English grammar
    Dictionary of OXFORD.........

    All the best dear

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    Re: In bank exams, how to get prepared for english antonyms & synonyms?

    preparing for bank is a good option.
    In bank exam, there are five different sections.
    If you fail in in section, you will be disqualified.
    so you have to concentrate in all the sections.

    ENGLISH is one of the section and this section is very to score.
    to prepare for antonyms and synonyms, get the hand book of "WORD POWER MADE EASY"
    In this book you can find many antonyms and synonyms.
    All the best.

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    Re: In bank exams, how to get prepared for english antonyms & synonyms?

    to improve your skill in antonyms and synonyms in bank exam just refer to the previous question papers as the grammatical part is common
    to all the years and there will not be any wide change with that
    and moreover you have to improve your grammatical skills by keeping a dictionary a side which helps you a lot...

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    Re: In bank exams, how to get prepared for english antonyms & synonyms?

    preparing for bank jobs is good option.
    there are five sections in bank exam. you have to perform well in every section.
    if you fail in one section also you will disqulaify.
    to prepare antonyms and synonyms in English section, get a book "WORD POWER MADE EASY"
    in this book you will find easy for vocabulary and antonyms and synonyms.

    All the best.

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