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    Available courses in Horticulture after 12th?

    Kindly conform the Avilable courses in Horticultre as degree or diploma

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    Re: Available courses in Horticulture after 12th?

    Hi aspirant,


    Fruits are the only natural way of surviving which the nature provides us despite of having numerous thing to eat.
    Humans crave for fruits and for the sake of nourishing their body with healthy supplement has made them indispensably dependent on the fruits.
    Fruits are known for their nutritious content which can cure many diseases by providing them vitamins in right proportion.
    Fruits not only has healthy supplement by mass, but also is a tasty and indispensable food.
    All this facts shows us the need of fruits and steps we should follow to enhance the quality, quantity, and the essence of fruits.
    To meet our needs efficiently horticulture was introduced.

    This field is related to many fruits available in our world and nutritious portions that can be enhanced.
    So there are variety of courses that can be pursued depending upon your interest on specific application.
    You can pursue Bachelors courses, Master courses, Certificate courses according to your choice.
    Courses available for Horticulture science are:

    Bachelor of Science in Horticulture
    Master of Philosophy in Genetic and Horticulture
    Master of Philosophy in Plant breeding and Horticulture
    Master of Science in Fruit breeding
    Master of Science in Horticulture
    Doctor of Philosophy in Horticulture
    Doctor of Philosophy in Fruit Breeding
    Doctor of Philosophy in Fruit Science
    Master of Science in agriculture horticulture

    After completing your horticulture course you can join the State Level Fruits Management Boards that are run by the Government which provide various good opportunities in this field.
    You can work as
    Financial Consultant
    Estate Manager
    Financial Head
    Plantation Manager
    Factory Manager
    Flavour Tasters
    Fruits consultant
    Fruits Researcher
    Marketing department Services


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